Xiaomi Bets on the Future by Investing in a Chinese Manufacturer of Electric Cars

Xiaomi Electric Car
Written by Vishal Patel

Xiaomi Electric Car: As you know, Xiaomi is engaged in the production of not only smartphones, televisions and laptops, but also many other gadgets, including heated clothing and all kinds of sensors for the smart home system.

It came to the point that this electronics manufacturer considered it necessary to include in the assortment of product models offered to customers its own electric car called Mi Car, the creation of which was spent just a huge amount of money in all respects.

This is one of the brand’s most expensive projects over the past five years, the media assure, but it can help the company reach equal heights, because the release of electric vehicles, as you know, is extremely profitable.

After the arrival of the hybrids, the Mi car has become one of the biggest claims for the increase in the price of oil and of course, the care of our planet. That is why Xiaomi, in a safe bet for the future, has decided to fully invest in one of the most promising companies in this field, such as Xpeng.

For those who are not familiar with the brand, Xpeng has been the “Chinese Tesla.” Since last April he has been marketing his first SUV, a 100% electric vehicle with a range of up to 360 kilometers and a spectacular design that reminds us greatly of Elon Musk’s own vehicles.

mi car

Xiaomi Xpeng

This small startup has taken the step and after a new round of financing valued at 400 million dollars, Xiaomi has decided to invest fully in it. Thanks to this, Xpeng will be able to continue with its expansion, reaching even new markets such as the European one or even improving its research and development department.

In addition, the brand plans to launch a new model called the P7. A spectacular sedan that will arrive in mid-2020 with great technological advances as an operating system under the Alibaba platform. Likewise, this new model will have a great autonomy of up to 500Km and according to the first advances, it could consolidate its first departure from the Asian country to disembark in the European continent.

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