Xiaomi will Present “Xiaomi Ebook Reader” Alternative to the Amazon Kindle- 2020

Xiaomi ebook reader

When we talk about electronic books, it is inevitable to think about the Amazon Kindle. Small devices that, together with their large book store in digital format, give us the possibility of having an entire library in less space than a single pocket-sized book would occupy.

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Now, in order to compete with Amazon Kindle itself, thus providing its probably cheaper alternative, Xiaomi has announced that this November 20 will present its first e-book. A new product that will be launched in Crowdfunding under the Mijia sub-brand and of which we know little to date except for a small sketch of its design.


Specifically, it has been through Weibo where Mijia’s profile published the following image. In it we can see a fairly conventional eReader design, incorporating on its front a screen probably of electronic ink along with quite considerable frames. In addition, a small button is visible at the top, this being probably the only physical button available to the e-book reader.

Of rest it is rumored that it probably has a final design very similar to Amazon Kindle itself, also incorporating a small backlight in order to make use of it in low-light environments. In addition, as the brand has been accustoming us, it is almost certain that it has a relatively lower price than the Amazon reader, standing at around 30-40 euros to change.

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