Xiaomi Duo AI Ping An Q, for kids with Xiaomi AI

Again Xiaomi, the company that has more trade agreements than deputies who are in the Spanish Senate has launched a new children’s smartphone for sale. This time the smartphone that Xiaomi sells is manufactured by a third party such as the brand QIN that we talked about a few months ago for the launch of two basic smartphones that are top sellers on Aliexpress. This new smartphone that Xiaomi sells for the little ones of the house is called Duo AI Ping An Q.

This brand in collaboration with Xiaomi launches these two smartphones created for boys and girls of younger ages to make use of this type of smartphone. Its official name is Duo AI Ping An Q and if you are interested in them tell you that at the moment they only serve if you live in China.

Duo AI Ping An Q is a couple of smartphones dedicated to letting parents know where their children are when they go out of the house. One of these two motives is for the father or mother and the other is for the son or daughter. Both have the same information and the father or mother will be able to know the list of numbers that the son or daughter manages in a simple way.

If we talk about its hardware we find that Duo AI Ping An Q uses a 1.54-inch screen with a resolution of 240 x 240 pp and a built-in 1,150mAh battery, which has a long useful life.

Both terminals Duo AI Ping An Q that Xiaomi sells in its store Youpin They do not use a SIM card and only use eSIM cards for China. Duo AI Ping An Q uses an independent research and development communication system, abandoning access to third-party applications, blocking harassment of commercial ads and incorrect text messages.

Xiaomi adds to these Duo AI Ping An Q its AI Xiao AI for help to the minor with reminders and smart functions. Its price is 399 yuan (€ 50) and it will only be bought and used if you reside in China because the system is in Chinese and the 4G bands are for use in the country.

The really curious thing is its format, which has reminded us of the legendary Nintendo Game Boy.