Xiaomi dock charges, a new charger from Xiaomi


With a new day, a new gadget arrives under the Mi brand. Xiaomi today has presented what is its new charging dock for smartphones and gadgets. Xiaomi that already had interesting power strips and charging stations adds a hybrid that combines the best of a charger and the best of being able to connect plugs and USB.

This new Xiaomi charging station has of a wireless Qi charging charger at 10W, which makes it universal, being able to charge any smartphone that has such a charging protocol. Estre has a 20º slope to be able to view content when it is loading vertically or horizontally.

In the central part are 3 USB connection ports that can work at 18WThese ports are for charging wearables or gadgets that accompany us on a daily basis. On one of the sides accommodates a plug connector universal thus allowing the user to connect a lamp or any other product that needs electricity input to function.

Xiaomi dock charger

To avoid heating problems, Xiaomi adds 75N connection ports to this charging dock, allowing it to be flame retardant and withstanding up to 750º. On the other hand, the charger can withstand overvoltage.

The price of this loading dock Xiaomi is 109 yuan (€ 14 / $ 16). At the moment it is only for sale to users in China. Later we hope to find it for sale through the main resellers at a higher price than mentioned.