Xiaomi charger 120W is ready for a new Xiaomi


Xiaomi and its race for watts of charging power have led it to manufacture and certify its first 120W smartphone charger. This charger has passed the 3C certification that gives it the power to be distributed in China without any legal restriction.

This 120W charger from Xiaomi is expected to offer 100W of power in smartphones and thus exceed the 50W offered by the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro by USB Type C charging.

This Xiaomi 120W charger comes with the model number MDY-12-ED. The first certification date is June 28, while the manufacturer is Xiaomi Communication Technology Co., Ltd.

Xiaomi 120W charger

The certification information shows that this power adapter supports a fast charge protocol of up to 120W (20V 6A). However, it also mentions that it is only suitable for altitudes of 5000 meters or less. With this certification, it seems that Xiaomi is getting closer to launching this device. However, we still do not know the smartphone that will launch this charger, it could be the expected Mi Mix 4 or another high-end terminal from Redmi.

As always, we will be watching to see how far Xiaomi wants to go with the launch of products and technologies for users who love fast charging. A charger that should be so extremely powerful in charging a 5,000mAh battery in less than 30 minutes.