Xiaomi CAS, the new smartphone from Xiaomi

Again the rumors of a new Xiaomi flagship smartphone return with a new leak from XDA Developers. “CAS”, code name of the new smartphone that Xiaomi will launch in a few weeks, is filtered in the MIUI 12 code lines.

XDA Developers mentions that this mysterious terminal is expected to be the one that will arrive offering 120W in its charger, with about 100W useful to be charged. This is expected to bring inside a Snapdragon 865 or 865 Plus.

At the moment it is known that “CAS” the new Xiaomi smartphone would not go out of China due to the data mentioned in the MIUI 12 code. There is no data that seems to reflect that it is a terminal dedicated to its global sale. In fact, it was speculated at first that it will arrive with a 108MP lens like the one mounted by the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 and the Mi 10, but according to the latest data collected by XDA, this would arrive with a 48MP lens.

“CAS” is believed to be equipped with at least three cameras on its rear. It will have a wide-angle lens that will be able to capture macro shots at a 2cm distance. It will also have an optical zoom camera that suggests it might be equipped with a periscope zoom lens. The terminal is expected to offer users an improved ‘supermoon’ mode photography feature in reference to what we have seen during this time.

At the moment these are all the data that we have about “CAS”, that new Xiaomi flagship terminal that could be derived for the company’s domestic market. We hope to have more details in a few weeks and to know if he will be seen outside China later.