Xiaomi Breaks a New Record and Manages to Position itself Another Year as One of the Best Selling Brands on 11.11

Written by Vishal Patel

Again, 11.11 leaves Xiaomi as one of the best selling brands globally. Not only through the main resellers, but properly in his native country where for the seventh consecutive year he is positioned as the best selling brand in Tmall.

Specifically, Xiaomi becomes the best-selling brand on November 11, making the sale of its Mi products exceed 6.1 billion yuan. This supposes a growth of 17% in relation to the past year where the firm managed to invoice about 5.2 billion yuan in sales.

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According to the firm, during the 11.11 sales festival, a new record was broken, selling about 1.05 million smartphones, 5.55 million smart gadgets or even 76,000 laptops in just 24 hours. In addition, the Mi TV and Redmi TVs were not far behind, exceeding on this occasion the 910,000 units sold in the different online stores in China.

In total, the number of units sold in all its products represents 147% more than in the same period last year. With this, Xiaomi demonstrates once again its great positioning in the market, becoming year after year one of the most recognized brands in the technology sector.

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