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The Baseus brand is one of those brands that has made a name for itself in being one of our favorite stores due to its wide variety of products that we have even seen in Youpin, the Xiaomi store. Baseus manufactures all kinds of gadgets for our daily lives, and now adds a new lamp that is going to be a bestseller due to its uses, price and versatility. This new lamp from Baseus, a partner of Xiaomi can be used in various corners of our home such as the kitchen, desk, bathroom and bedroom.

Xiaomi Baseus Lamp

This Baseus lamp is similar to the Xiaomi desk lamp we saw last week in a new analysis.

This is the Baseus lamp, Xiaomi’s partner. A lamp that will be a bestseller

It comes with a modern and simple design, with a rounded shape. Its weight is 184 grams and it is composed of a base that sticks to any surface. The other part is magnetic and is magnetized to the support. Offering like this a movable modular lamp that we can use in a fixed position or be used as a flashlight to see in dark places in the rooms, such as a closet or under the bed.

Xiaomi Baseus Lamp

On the chassis of the lamp we find buttons to regulate the tone of the light, the color can be selectable from 3000K to 5000K, the light being perfect for reading as it has Ra80 protection. It offers up to 100 lumens and can also select the maximum brightness or minimum brightness.

To function it has a 1,800mAh battery that is recharged via USB Type C. This number of milliamps results in 24 hours of battery life at minimum brightness, 8 hours at medium brightness and 4 hours at maximum brightness. We can have it always connected to make the autonomy infinite or remove it from the support to charge when the battery runs out. We can charge it even with a power bank, with the PC or with any charger.

The best thing about this lamp that Baseus sells is the simplicity of uses and places in which it can be used, being perfect for any moment or room. The price of the lamp It is € 17 from this link to the Baseus store, Xiaomi’s Chinese partner that sweeps every product it launches for sale.

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