Xiaomi astrography MIUI 12, the latest Xiaomi in MIUI


Xiaomi seems to be willing to put all the meat on the grill in that its camera app is definitely much better than it was a while ago on its smartphones. Last week we saw how Xiaomi will add the mode AI Shutter added by Google terminals. Now thanks to the web and users of XDA Developers We see how Xiaomi will go further and integrate functions of the Astrography mode in MIUI 12 and how fashionable it has become with the versions of GCAM.

Astrography mode will allow the user to capture sharp images of the starry sky, as well as having various effects dedicated to portraying open-air nights in great detail and with a minimum of light flashes.

MIUI 12 long exposure camera starry night

At the moment, it has been identified that the Xiaomi Redmi K30 Pro (Poco F2 Pro) and Mi 10 Pro has begun to integrate astrography mode in its latest version of MIUI 12 in development. Xiaomi is expected to launch this functionality in the camera of its main high-end smartphones of 2020 as well as 2019.

For now, this model has only been available in the GCAM versions. If you are interested in this mode of photography visit our GCAM guide Where we detail how to download the latest and best versions of GCAM for your Xiaomi.

In this way, Xiaomi tries to continue contributing new functionalities to what has become its main marketing hook in its smartphones, the power of its camera.