Xiaomi announces its first 2.1 soundbar with independent subwoofer

Without warning and to surprise, Xiaomi has just announced its new Xiaomi TV Speaker Theater Edition, a 2.1 soundbar that integrates a wireless subwoofer offering powerful sound with a great surround effect.

In detail, this new Xiaomi TV Speaker Theater Edition soundbar will be presented tomorrow along with the new compact-size projector, which is why it will not be until this September 2 when we know in detail each of its characteristics.

Even so, taking into account the promotional posters that Xiaomi has launched, the new Xiaomi TV Speaker Theater Edition will be a 2.1 soundbar equipping the main module and an independent subwoofer that will also be wireless.

Soundbar 2.1 Xiaomi TV Speaker Theater Edition.

With this, Xiaomi enters the field of high-end soundbars for the first time after presenting its inexpensive Redmi TV SoundBar a few months ago. Unlike the rest of the models presented, this new Xiaomi TV Speaker Theater Edition will be the first to have an independent subwoofer.

As we said, it will be tomorrow, September 2, when we know in great detail this new Xiaomi soundbar, as well as its launch price.