Xiaomi AI Shutter, the new photographic improvement taken from the Google Pixel


Xiaomi continues to add value to its operating system MIUI 12. At the beginning of the week we knew the improvement that will incorporate in the sound management between applications and now your camera will benefit from new functionality that is present in Pixel of Google.

This new feature that Xiaomi has called AI Shutter is based on functionality Best Shot which automatically chooses the best capture for a photo. What it does is take multiple captures before and after you press the fire button, choosing the best among all captures automatically.

This new photographic mode will save us time in taking our photographs, avoiding surprises from intruders who slip in or appear with our eyes closed in our snapshot.

<string yam="pref_camera_ai_shutter_description">Select best moment automatically when pressing the shutter button
<string yam="pref_camera_ai_shutter_title">AI shutter

Thanks to the people of XDA Developers who have discovered the existence of this new feature in the MIUI source code. Although the latest version of MIUI is already officially coming to different models of the brand, its operation has not yet been seen this new photography mode so we will have to wait for Xiaomi to integrate it first in the beta versions of the Chinese ROM.

In this way, Xiaomi tries to continue contributing new functionalities to what has become its main marketing hook in its smartphones, the power of its camera.