Xiaomi adds a new modular light panel to Youpin

Xiaomi continues to expand the smart devices compatible with Mi Home. This time he has put crowdfunding in Youpin a modular light panel HuiZou brand similar to NanoLeaf but at a much cheaper price.

This new gadget apart from being compatible with devices in the MiJia environment, is able to adapt its brightness and colors to our liking being able to change with respect to the rhythm of our music.

Each panel features a isosceles triangular design 250 by 215 mm that will allow us, depending on the number of panels we have, to design our own lighting in our home, office or studio. Each panel It has 2W LED lighting that can configure its own color and brightness to offer visual effects with endless options. The options are only limited by our imagination. As we can see in the following video:

They offer a duration of up to 25,000 hours of use and its installation is really easy. We just have to stick them to the wall thanks to their 3M adhesives. We can configure three modes: static, symphony and musical.

Price and availability

Xiaomi currently has each modular panel for a price of 99 yuan. We also have options to buy them in packs to save from 3 units for about 297 yuan. Soon we will be able to find them in AliExpress resellers.