Xiaomi 100W, Xiaomi’s new smartphone takes charging to another level


One more day we talk about what will be one of the most important smartphones this year. A rumored terminal that is practically ready to be presented to the masses. Xiaomi already has China’s 3C certification ready to present what will be its new flagship with 100W of power on load. The new model certified by Xiaomi will be focused on offering a plus in charging and would do so by doubling the charging power of the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro.

This new smartphone that is expected to be the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 will carry what will be one of the most powerful chargers in the world. With 120W of charger the new Xiaomi smartphone would get up to 100W of charge.

Xiaomi 120W charger

This immense power would benefit the user by having a full charge in less than 20 minutes. Record times that have been increasingly shortened thanks to the increase in power in the energy transfer.

All the rumors point that Xiaomi will present this new smartphone with 100W in August. It would be presented in China and it may be inside it Snapdragon 865+ that was featured a week ago.

At the moment, the only real data available on this new terminal is that it will have 100W of the load. The other specifications are speculation and there is no real information to warn us about what it will be like. We will have to wait for Xiaomi to throw out some kind of real information to know everything about this new smartphone that will take fast charging to the next level.