Xiaobai Wisdom Door H1 Xiaomi goes a step further and puts on sale its first smart door

Xiaomi has put on its platform Youpin your first smart crowdfunding door, the Xiaobai Wisdom Door H1. Currently, with just 24 hours from its start, crowdfunding has already has exceeded 107% of the value collected. Its starts at 3999 yuan, € 505 while the sale price will be 4999 yuan, € 632.

The Xiaobai Wisdom Door H1 has measures 2050 mm high and 960 mm wide with the possibility of choosing which side we want it to open. It is available in two configurations depending on whether we prefer to complement it or not with a battery to ensure its operation in the event of a power failure.

This door uses a casting process made of stainless steel and reinforced iron. In this way, it achieves a 95mm thickness and a weight of up to 85 kg. Sul interior is composed of honeycomb-shaped panels that absorb sound, achieving excellent acoustic insulation.

In its technological section, the Xiaobai Wisdom Door H1 uses a 10 inch IPS touch screen and it is also equipped with a 1080P high definition camera with a 150 ° wide angle. Admits night vision infrared and uses the algorithm of facial recognition Developed by Xiaomi to identify people by age, gender, and among other data.

It is equipped with a smart electronic lock with an FPC fingerprint sensor, designed to resist any attack. Its development has taken more than 15 months and has registered 28 patents so we are dealing with a truly innovative product.

Of course, integrates with the Xiaomi ecosystem And we can configure it to get the most out of this from devices from the Asian firm such as the robot vacuum cleaner, security cameras, or the air purifier.

Of course, we will not see this new gadget for the home outside the Chinese borders in any way. However, this first smart door from Xiaomi lays the foundation for the future that awaits us to protect our home.