Where are the Best Places to Find Freebies on Your Phone?

One of the main reasons why the smartphone industry has become such abehemoth and reached a market size of more than $457 billion is because of the amount of content thatusers of these devices have access to.

It’s true that most mobiles don’t come cheap but, once you’ve purchased one,
you can get hold of a wealth of content for no charge. Across all the different
apps that market themselves to smartphone users, there are so many great
freebies and deals to take advantage of.

The Gaming Industry

There’s no doubt that the gaming industry is one of the best places to enjoy
a varied amount of free content. No matter what genre you’re into, there are
titles you can play for no charge. In the early days of smartphones, a lot of
apps came in at a fairly cheap cost. But as more games emerged, developers realised they needed to undercut each other. This led to
the emergence of the freemium marketing model, which is now the predominant way
of releasing games on mobile nowadays.

With freemium games, you can download them for no charge and start playing.
Indeed, you can continue playing forever without paying a penny, but you will
face some disadvantages such as regular adverts. In certain titles, such as
Clash of Clans, you’ll need to wait for lengthy spells of time for
constructions to be completed. Of course, paying can speed this up, which is
what the developers want you to do. However, if you are patient, you can always
enjoy these titles for free.

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The same thing is apparent in the online casino industry. Online casino
operators desperately want to win customers over, and they try to attract them
initially through tantalising welcome bonuses. These
used to be deposit matches, but as the competition has grown fiercer, they are
now usually accompanied by no deposit
as well. Players can get free playing money at sites like Winorama Casino and Scratch Mania Casino without having to
use any of their own funds. Sometimes these require codes, and they are also
subject to wagering requirements, but they represent great value. Indeed,
mobile casino players can join many sites and only use the no-deposit bonuses
if they wish to do so.

Other Forms of
Online Entertainment

With all the various streaming apps now emerging and trying to compete with
Netflix, it has brought about a prime opportunity for people who love freebies
to take advantage. Most of these services come with a free trial, so you can
explore the platform properly before deciding which one to purchase. If you
have a lot of time on your hands, you can consume a fair amount of free content
before you have to invest.

Some of the industry leaders, including Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, and
Netflix, all come with free trials before you have to purchase. You could
easily watch great shows and movies for a couple of months at all the different
providers before having to choose one.

For music fans, the same can be said for Spotify, which comes with a
month-long trial before you have to sign up for a package. The world-renowned
listening service is excellent value anyway for the amount of content you can
get, so the company doesn’t mind giving away this freebie as it knows that most
people will choose to sign up.

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Useful Apps

Entertainment clearly has the greatest amount of free content, but there is
plenty to be found elsewhere as well. Another thing that the smartphone
industry has grown famous for is the abundance of useful apps that it offers.
Users can do everything from measuring things to editing videos. Once again,
because there are so many options to choose from, developers have been forced
to provide freebies to let people try before they buy. Others are completely
free to use all the time.

Depending on what you use your smartphone for, there are different apps that
are going to suit your needs. Some of the best options that come at no cost
include Zoom, Google Maps, 1Weather, and Google Drive. Other apps that come
with free trials and can be incredibly useful include PDF Scanner for scanning
documents and Pinnacle Studio for video editing.

If you follow these tips and tricks,
you can enjoy a wide range of different products on your smartphone without
having to invest any of your own money. Keep searching out those hidden gems,
use the free trials, and don’t forget to cancel your subscriptions before they
charge you.