Tips & Tricks To Use A Cell Phone For Longer

Cell phones have become an inseparable part of our daily lives. We do a great many things with cell phones other than talking. What we do not do with cell phones presently is gaming, conferences, meetings, movies, and singing.

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But every bright lamp has a dark shadow to it. Hours of usage deplete phone life. Extensive usage might put your sleek phones at risk. In this article, we will discuss the tips and tricks for using cell phones for a longer period of time.

Tips And Tricks To Using A Cell Phone For A Longer Period Of Time

We all know that cell phones, the real good ones, are quite pricey and it is difficult to grab. Thinking of upgrading your Samsung S22 Ultra and iPhone 13? They will cost you heavily.

Under these circumstances protecting your phone for a long time really goes on to become a challenge for you. So let’s know some of the ways through which you can use your cell phone for longer.

1. Handle Your Cell Phones With Care

Pricey phones are delicate, and they are likely to get damaged. If you use your phone roughly, there is a high chance it won’t last long.

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Your phone might fall from your hand. The screen of your phone might be completely damaged, and the body part of your phone might be completely damaged.

Therefore you need to take steps to keep your phone from lasting longer. Avoid taking it into your bathroom.

2. Keep Your Phone At The Right Temperature

The right temperature plays an important role in keeping your cell phone last longer. If you want to prolong the life of your cell phone, you need to avoid getting exposed to extreme temperatures.

The best thing you could do is keep your phone in a dehydrated place. Remember, just like the human body, your phone needs to be at some optimum temperature. If it becomes cold or too hot, it might damage it completely.

3. Uninstall Unnecessary Application

We know that you have bought a phone for a high price and it has a good ram and memory space. So there is no pressure. In ecstasy, you go on to install each and every phone app possible. This puts an extra burden.

You must know that there are many apps running in the background, and they consume a lot of power. You are unaware that these unnecessary apps cut short the life of your phone. This also affects the performance of your phone.

So it’s a hundred times better that you judiciously use the apps and better uninstall unnecessary apps.

4. Update Your Apps

You need to timely update your apps to make your phone last longer. Know that your Android phone or iPhone offers you automatic updates. Whenever they offer automatic updates, you must take them instantly.

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For this, you need to go to the Play Store. Sliding the menu to the left of the screen, you get an option called auto app updates. For the system updates, you can check for the opening of the setting apps. There you need to search for the software updates. For the iPhone, you need to follow a slightly different way but updating your apps is a must.

5. Clear The Phone Storage

Yes, you have paid well for your phone, but how could you be so rude to your phone’s memory? So it’s better that you clean your phone’s memory.

There are different apps that clear your phone’s memory. Use them now to clean your phone memory. This will definitely boost your phone memory. In case your cellphone has turned slow, you could make it fast by clearing the phone memory.

6. Use Your Phone Case Cover

We know that you really are fond of slim-looking phones. You want to keep it open for a better look. But if you want the phone to be safe, you need to use a phone case cover. This is really a great way to save your phone.


In order to close this article, it could be said that you need to take steps to safeguard your phone. There are different options that you have here. What you need to do is follow the ones discussed above to safeguard your phone for a long time.