The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 shows more details of a version with NFC

The global issue has not yet been presented Xiaomi Mi Band 5 and the existence of a Pro version becomes more evident after the discovery that GeekDoing has done in the app code My fit.

As much as the brands try to hide their future devices, the source code of their applications often ends up being the most reliable sneak of what they have prepared for us. As happened in previous models with the leak of new features the Band 5 has not failed this tradition

The people of GeekDoing has discovered a variant of the Mi Band under the code name KongmingPro, which would refer to the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Pro. According to the screenshots of the application, this variant would have the same characteristics as the Chinese model with NFC under the code name Kongming. Features that do not appear in the normal version with password KongmingL.

Capture of My Fit (KongmingPro vs Kongming vs KongmingL)

Xiaomi has not commented on it and has not yet given clues about this new version. Everything points to the fact that it will launch a global Pro variant of the Mi Band 5, although not at the same time. But we remember that a version with these characteristics of the Mi Band 4 already exists which was relegated to Russia.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Pro, do I pay with NFC outside of China and Russia?

Until Xiaomi does not officially rule on it, we have to be cautious. We will see if after the landing of this functionality in Russia, Xiaomi is launched to the rest of the global market and with which credit card companies it is compatible since Band 4 only had an agreement with Mastercard to make use of the payment by NFC.

For the moment alone we know the price the base version will be € 39.99 and its launch is expected for this July.