The successor technology of the Xiaomi Mix Alpha comes from Visionox


Last September 2019 Xiaomi announced its most innovative smartphone since they introduced the Mi Mix range. A smartphone with a stratospheric price that thanks to the manufacturer of screens Visionox we can get with a cheaper price and better qualities thanks to its 2.0 surround screen.

This manufacturer has announced the development of its new flexible AMOLED surround screen. This new screen has optimized and updated the entire screen structure with more precise adjustments obtaining a smaller radius of curvature which will allow for thinner thicknesses. In this way, it has managed to improve its stability while achieving mass production capacity.

With this great advance, the manufacturer hopes that its new surround screen will increase the commercial use of this technology that Xiaomi has already introduced with the Alpha. A different variant to the folding smartphones but that manage to offer us use of screen superior to 100%.

This great advance will mean that Xiaomi will finally be able to offer this innovative technology at last at a more affordable price for ordinary mortals. But also other manufacturers such as Oppo or OnePlus could jump on the bandwagon of smartphones with a surround screen.

There is no doubt that this improvement will bring us new innovative designs in the smartphone industry.