One of the New Variants and Wear the Redmi Note 8 Pro of your Favorite Color

Despite its large number of criticisms received even before its launch, the new Redmi Note 8 Pro has ended up being a bestseller. A smartphone that is cataloged within the mid-high range, offering us great performance, a very good camera, and autonomy that surpasses the day’s duration thanks to its 4,500mAh.

Best of all, now, thanks to the great reception this device has had, Xiaomi has decided to expand the color gamut. A total of 9 possibilities that you can choose through Twitter so that it becomes the new hue seen in the Redmi Note 8 Pro.

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To do this you just have to access the Xiaomi post on Twitter that we add below and add your favorite color next to the hashtag # LiveToCreate. The most voted will be the next color that predominates in the new variant of this amazing smartphone

So you know, if you were thinking of buying the Redmi Note 8 Pro and you prefer some of the new shades that Xiaomi proposes, do not hesitate to comment on Twitter and thus contribute your grain of sand to be that color that comes out soon for sale.

Via Twitter

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