Talks about post-launch app maintenance and support

Before the release of a mobile application, the executive team develops it, creates a design, figures out the user path, and tests the application. After all stages of hard work, the new mobile application can be uploaded to the application store. There, first users have a chance to start using it. 

It may seem that everything is done for now and you can relax and enjoy the results. Yet, the work does not end there, only the main stage has come to an end. Next comes the support, optimization, and bug-fixing phase. Without this, the application will not be able to work stably, and possible failures will affect the efficiency of the business. So, let us tell you more about post launch app maintenance and support, its importance, and its benefits!

What gives professional post-launch app maintenance and support

Positive user experience

If the application works correctly, then a strong relationship is created between the program and the user. The client is sure that there will be no failures and that their proposals will be heeded. Accordingly, he will advise the application to friends and bring new users.

Higher user engagement

The smooth operation and the absence of errors bring the client to the target action faster and increase satisfaction. This determines the average rating on the marketplace and the number of app removals.  

Number of positive reviews and rating

Answers to user questions, sensitive attention to their comments, and constant useful updates benefit the business. The position in the search results and organic promotion in the store depend on this.

Increasing the level of profitability

Apps that are updated regularly are more in line with user expectations, return on investment faster, and are profitable in the long run.

Why it’s crucial to support a mobile application

Updated applications correspond to digital trends and current audience needs. They occupy top positions in search results, move better and pay off. To regularly work on the application, you need to have a technical support department. 

Let’s discover the main responsibilities of every technical support department:

  1. Adapt the application for new devices. They appear on the market regularly, older versions may not work correctly on them. 
  2. Update operating systems. iOS and Android release new versions once a year or more often, older applications may not be compatible with them.
  3. Add new features. Users leave their wishes in the comments and feedback forms, they should be taken into account when improving the application. 
  4. Keep up with competitors. The market will change quickly, competitors do not stand still, so you need to upgrade your product in a timely manner.
  5. Implement new technologies. Fingerprint and Face ID login can and should be implemented in the application in order to satisfy user requests. 
  6. Improve security. Data privacy is important to users, so you need to protect them from the theft of personal and financial information.

Application maintenance work types  

Emergency support

Problems that arise suddenly in an unexpected place and require a quick response. Often these are critical errors that affect successful work and do not allow customers to freely use the application. After the bug is fixed, it is important to do general testing, assess the stability of the entire system, and try to anticipate the next possible problems.

Enhancement process

Support based on user behavior analysis, reviews, and feedback. The team puts forward a hypothesis, studies the opinion of consumers, and only after that make changes. They are aimed at improving customer experience, increasing conversion, or bringing to the target action.

Adaptive support  

As Weelorum says, support itself is important for introducing innovative technologies. You need to keep up with the times, keep up with trends and be competitive in the market.  

Preventive support  

It is important to avoid serious problems, to carry out according to plan, and to identify potential errors. Not only the code is checked for bugs, but also the design, the logic of the application, and the entire user path.

What a general cost of a modern mobile application includes

Mainly the cost of a mobile app and its maintenance is about:

  1. Marketing strategy and documentation
  2. Design 
  3. Management 
  4. Mobile application development 
  5. Server-side development 
  6. Testing 
  7. Release 
  8. Technical support 
  9. Marketing support

Technical support 

iOS and Android are updated regularly, and apps, regardless of their technology stack, must also be kept up to date. From a technical point of view, frequent and quick interventions are not required, the mobile application will be able to work in backward compatibility mode even after several operating system updates. However, from a marketing standpoint, users need to regularly deliver product improvements.

Marketing support

When the first users appear in the mobile application, they need to pay attention to ensure a high quality of services:  

  1. Every review in the App Store and Google Play must be answered; all calls to the support service must be processed.
  2. All the difficulties that users got into, judging by the analytics, should be resolved.

It also requires work on analytics, community organization, and user acquisition. You are recommended:  

  • weekly generate analytical reports and form hypotheses from them; 
  • check the correct operation of analytical tools; 
  • maintain a website and representative offices of the project on social networks;
  • negotiate with opinion leaders and media representatives. 

In addition, many teams start marketing work from the very start of the project and do not stop it even for a minute.


A mobile application is as complex a mechanism that mixes lots of features and is able to do multiple tasks. Therefore it requires constant maintenance, improvement, and adjustment of functionality even in the post-launch period. We hope that you will find our article informative and get the answers to questions that have been bothering you. And, in case, you are not ready to provide post-launch app maintenance and support yourself, there is a great alternative! The Weelorum company is always ready to help you with the development, maintenance, and support of your digital projects. Just contact them to get the best results! As well, remember that a lack of permanent support can lead to financial losses and reduced client engagement.