Sunlight Mode of Xiaomi will no Longer be a Problem

Xiaomi has begun to work in an adaptive mode that the user can modify based on the sunlight we have on the street or in the area we are in. Sunlight Mode of Xiaomi will allow the user to select the brightness intensity when we are in areas with high light intensity or at night when the light is lower and our eyes may suffer more wear.

Sunlight Mode of Xiaomi will no Longer be a Problem

Step 1– Open the Setting Menu

Step 2–  Select Display Options.

Step 3– Open Brightness level

Step 4-Then Enable Sunlight Mode

Sunlight Mode of Xiaomi will no Longer be a Problem

This new adaptive mode for the light quantity is being tested in the Chinese ROM so that the user can always have the amount of light on his screen without the system automatically deciding depending on the light received by the sensor that has been under the screen. Thus being a customized system that we will choose to use outdoors or indoors giving us the amount of light that we believe we need when the smartphone detects changes in brightness.

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A setting that many users will appreciate and that Xiaomi will implement in the future in the Global ROM via OTA update.

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