Sildenafil Reviews: The Truth About the Blue Pill

Did you know that the earliest records of erectile dysfunction go’s as far back as the early 1800’s? ‘Since then, millions of men from all around the world have been having problems in both their bedroom and relationships. Studies have further proven that about 1 in 4 men from the age of 18 to 65+ years will experience some form of erectile dysfunction in their life-time. Leaving the chances of having some type of immunity to ED, to be very slim indeed.

Until the 1980’s Erectile dysfunction had one primary means of treatment, which was in the form of some Psychotherapy. Clearly, this has not been effective nor beneficial and since the late 80’s, the pharmaceutical industry has taken on to the challenge to create something better. Hence, Sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra, the world’s first blue pill used to directly fight the onset of ED. Since the 90’s, Viagra has helped countless men by giving back their sexual happiness. The truth about the blue pill, is even though it is highly effective, its sales have gone down tremendously over the last decade. But why? And why are the numbers of ED cases growing? We answer these important questions and explain why generic Viagra is becoming the nations favourite.

What is Sildenafil?

Sildenafil is a PDE5 or phosphodiesterase type-5 Inhibitor class of medication. It works by blocking the PDE5 enzyme which in turn allows for a greater concentration of Cyclic guanosine monophosphate or cGMP. cGMP controls the widening and constriction of the blood vessel walls in the smooth muscles of the penis. By inhibiting these PDE type 5 enzymes, men are able to achieve strong erections during sexual stimulation ensuring sexual gratification for both you and your partner.

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Generic drugs afford patients help financially, when needing treatment from a drug that is high priced. and offer the exact same benefits of expensive medication at a way cheaper price. By increasing the availability of generic medications; in-effect, increases the markets competition and patients having access to healthcare. It is necessary to have a highly effective treatment, but what is more important is how we give access to those in need of it.

Sildenafil vs Viagra

From the beginning, Viagra was the only ED medication on the market, it was very expensive and was only available on private prescription in the UK, meaning it cost a small fortune. Since the patents end in 2013, pharmaceutical companies have been able to produce generic versions of the medication at more affordable prices. The office of generic drugs states; all generic manufactured drugs have the same high quality, purity, stability, strength as brand-name medications. Thus, explicitly showing Sildenafil based ED medications are exactly the same as Viagra in all but price.

So far, we know that sildenafil has been approved by the FDA and is safe, legal, and ready to be used. Before purchasing sildenafil, you will need to identify which type of classification you want to receive, recently it has been classified into two forms: one that is considered generic, and one that is branded.

Another way to verify the authenticity of a medication is to check the reviews of the website you intend to buy from. By checking the written testimonials from current and past erectile dysfunction patients users can get a real insight into the medication, how it works and how other customers rate it. Sildenafil reviews definitely play a key role at our online platform and we encourage all customers to rate the medication and services on offer. Read along further as we discuss all these implications, as well as why we need to hear from you.

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Why Sildenafil Reviews Are Important

Since the introduction of the little blue pill, generic branded medications alike have had a staggering decrease in profitable sales. More and more customers are searching for cheaper drugs with more flexible options. For example, only 50 mg of Viagra connect is available in the UK without a prescription if bought from your local chemist. If online, options for higher dosages, mixed dosages, and bulk ordering are all available without a prescription or a doctor’s visit. If you decide to order sildenafil in bulk, you will be eligible for additional discounts. If you decide to get a refill from a street pharmacy, you will be required to go back to the same store wasting both your time and money. If you decide you need a heavier dosage, then you will be required to go to your GP every single time and explain your condition, not fun at all.

Amidst all these amazing advantages that we offer, ED cases are still rising. Which is why we need your help; your review gives other customers dealing with the same condition a better understanding of the condition and confidence to get the medication they need. We value our customers feedback and use the information provided to improve the service we offer and help more couples achieve sexual happiness.

Buy Sildenafil Online in the UK

Now that you know that you can get proven results, without a prescription and at five times cheaper than the high street, what are you waiting for? Ordering medication at our online pharmacy could not be more straightforward. Simply select your medication of choice including Kamagra, followed by the quantity and proceed to checkout.

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Make a secure payment, choosing an option of either Visa, MasterCard, Bank Transfers or Bitcoin. Thereafter, you will get a notification email detailing the order details, the estimated delivery date, and confirmation of payment including the discreet name that will appear on your bank statement.

Guess what? if you are residing in the UK, you are in luck because our Distribution hub is too. That means UK deliveries arrive in as little as 2 days with orders from outside of the UK taking 4 to 7 days on average to be delivered.

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