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Seven tips for newcomers to sports betting in India

Any novice bettor is confronted with an unusual world of confusing numbers, acronyms, and special names. But not everyone dares to start playing, there is something forbidden about it. However, betting is a common thing, you should not be afraid to try. The main thing is to have the right approach to the game.

How to choose a bookmaker in India

Choosing a bookmaker is a necessary step for every bettor. There are bookmaker companies that provide incentives for registering or making a deposit. But it should be remembered that promotions should be considered last if the user intends to play for a long time. Read more about it on

First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to:

  • reliability and legality;
  • availability of a large number of sports and events;
  • variety of bets;
  • the value of the odds;
  • convenient payment options without commissions;
  • ease of betting.

Each bookmaker’s office has a diverse selection of promotions, sports, and incentives. If you have accounts at different bookmakers, you can bet on any event with the highest odds and, if you are lucky, find a fork and win before the game even begins.

The importance of adequate perception

The main lesson that everyone who studies sports betting should learn is that gambling should be fun. The perception of betting as a game and a hobby has several important advantages at once:

  • this approach keeps you from losing control and putting a lot of money at risk (by the way, common sense is important);
  • this perception helps to develop forecasting skills; 
  • this view gives more emotion when watching the game.

Sports betting is a type of fun. It costs money, like riding a roller coaster or buying a drink at a bar. Everyone will have successes and failures. And more money will likely be lost than earned. Your losses should be viewed as entertainment expenses.

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Every beginner wonders if it is possible to make money from sports betting. It is possible. For example, bookmakers make a profit when they take bets. Those who make valuables (undervalued) bets and predict events more accurately than the bookmaker are also able to make money.

There are alternative approaches that, at the very least, go against the bookmakers’ policies and, at the most, against the law. All of these ways have one thing in common: they are time-consuming and are full-time jobs. If betting is supposed to be done occasionally, the player lacks knowledge about certain sports leagues or players, or lacks mathematical talent, it should be immediately understood that adrenaline is the best thing to get out of betting.

Match predictions

Some claim to know the outcome of a supposedly rigged game, while others show surprising figures about winning streaks in bookmakers’ offices. It is safe to say that both are dishonest. People who sell their predictions are usually called privateers. It is a typical scammer who wants to take advantage of gullible customers.

Yes, some people invariably succeed in bookmakers’ offices. However, none of them disclose their information, even if they are paid money for it. When it becomes public, it suddenly loses all its value. “Privateers” began to create groups in Telegram or Vkontakte channels, where they advertise their supposedly gained income.

Another type of fraudster is those who sell information about match-fixing.

Which sport has the best odds

Betting customers benefit from having a wide variety of sports to choose from. But it is a misconception that some sports are more predictable than others. In the 21st century, sports are evolving so fast that it is no longer possible to underestimate yesterday’s outsiders.

Before you start betting at a bookmaker’s office, you need to know that success depends on many variables. It will take more than one successful sports bet to make a profit over a long period.

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The following variables influence the outcome:

  • the ability to evaluate all available data;
  • several different betting tactics;
  • control of finances;
  • luck.

Before playing for money, it is safer to work out your strengths on a betting simulator.

One common misconception among beginners is that betting on individual sports is much easier. It is believed that it is easier to analyze one athlete than the whole team. This is not true. In singles sports, much more attention is paid to the smallest details.

Some gamblers who bet often can bet on very rare and even odd sports. Bookmakers provide players with a line of bets on a variety of intriguing sports as they seek to make money on everything. Betting on netball or air hockey, for example, seems irrelevant, while betting on cricket or snooker can still be considered acceptable.

While there are a lucky few who make a fortune simply based on the odds of the BC, this is rare, and such unusual sports should not deserve attention. It is better to avoid the unfamiliar realm and not bet using the advice of “experts” or standard betting methods.

Why you should not try to win back

It is possible to both win and loses money in the BK. Unfortunately, losing bets happen often, they spoil your mood and may even make you give up the game.

There is nothing bad in losing. Even if a significant amount was bet, the player will not experience any serious consequences. Of course, it is a shame when, instead of the expected reward, one has to replenish the account at the bookmaker’s office, but that is the uniqueness of betting. Any sports prediction involves risk, the only question is how the bettor handles the losses.

Some players – and there are quite a few – believe that every failure is a challenge. They go to great lengths to get their money back.

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In sports betting, it’s hard not to lose. Weather, a quick goal, an injury during warm-up or early in the game, and many other factors can determine how the game turns out. Losses happen because it is impossible to predict everything in advance. This is where beginners in gambling lose their money.

Players who lose a bet try to get their money back by making impulsive bets, which only increase the amount lost. When making bets, it is necessary to adhere to the principle that every day or every week you can lose only a set amount

Betting on various “win-win” systems

Numerous sites on the Internet (claiming to be reputable) offer various betting systems that provide a stable income. Of course, not for free. For example, Jimmy the programmer bought the system and now earns 1000 dollars a day. All of this is absurd.

The bettor will get (at most) a small amount of money, but most likely will lose his entire bank. All the claimed free techniques are also complete garbage. Many sites advertising bookmaker’s offices try to present themselves as betting gurus and describe various super-systems.

It is therefore pointless to look for win-win sports betting techniques. To succeed at a bookmaker’s office, you need to hone your analytical skills, work scrupulously with sports data and develop a strategy that will eventually lead to long-term profits.

To better understand the psychology of athletes, the course of a particular match, how to choose a favorite, etc., it is important to study various sports, read sports media, and ideally, participate in some sports yourself. A quick calculation is necessary to determine the probability of events, and the value of the odds provided by bookmakers, and to make calculations for your bets and tactics. This is especially true for real-time events.

Many players do not realize how much even basic financial management can help them beat a bookie. This concept also applies to real life: those who plan their budget and manage their expenses are always better off than those who do not.