Security Xiaomi reaches the Play Store for all Android users


Xiaomi in all its smartphones adds pre-installed apps that improve user services. Security Xiaomi is one of those apps that helps the user with the maintenance of their smartphone. This app arrives pre-installed and on all Xiaomi smartphones. Now Xiaomi publishes Security in the Google Play Store to improve its update on brand devices or reach more users of the Android system, thus being usable on any smartphone from other manufacturers.

Just a few days ago, Xiaomi published its own application of Calendar on Google Play Store and today it does it with Security.

This app serves to maintain the security of the device by scanning the apps that we have installed. In addition to this action, the Xiaomi Security app will suggest the heaviest files to remove, the heaviest images or give advice on everything we should remove or manage so that our smartphone is as light as possible and can be fast.

This app is nothing more than a file browser that accesses our memory to offer recommendations for managing apps, data or stored files.

Of all the good things that come out of this app is that it will help us to manage storage well and can save us a lot of displeasure if we have a malicious app installed on our smartphone. Likewise, Google Play has the function of Play Protect It already does this function of examining our installed apps to easily determine if we have apps that are not good for protecting our data.