root xiaomi mi note 10 pro

Root Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro – Latest Magisk Manager

Are you looking for how to Root Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro? Here, you can able to root Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro with magisk manager with the latest TWRP, enable USB debugging.

You have reached this page because, you already know that, what is rooting. So, I am not going to give you, some boring stuff. We directly jump into the rooting process. In this guide, you can able to know.

So without wasting any time let’s dive into the rooting process. Before that, let’s discuss the specs of Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro.

Please Note: While performing the Rooting Process on Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro, you need to take full responsibility of any damage. Damage like Void warranty, Software crash problem, Hardware Problem, Over heating, Many more.

Root Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro

This process is divided into four parts, which is listed below:

  1. Enable USB Debugging
  2. Unlock Bootloader
  3. Flash TWRP recovery
  4. Flash Magisk Manager

Part 1: Enable USB Debugging on Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro

USB debugging is the first thing that you need to do, without enabling USB debugging, you won’t able to perform the rooting process for Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro. There are some easy steps are mentioned below,

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Check Out that How to Enable USB debugging With full Guide.

  1. Open Setting function on your Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro.
    open about Phone
    open about Phone
  2. Here, you need to go to About Phone
    tap on 7 times on miui versions
    tap on 7 times on miui versions
  3. Now, find MIUI version and tap on it 7 times,
    developer option visible
    developer option visible
  4. Again go back and find out Additional Setting
    open about Phone
    open about Phone
  5. In the additional setting, scroll down and, where you can found Developer options
    scroll down to additional setting
    scroll down to additional setting
    find developer options
    find developer options
  6. Just open Developer options
    enable usb debugging
    enable usb debugging
  7. In developer options, scroll down, where you can see the option of USB debugging
    allow usb debugging
    allow USB debugging
  8. Simply Enable by a tap on Ok at Allowing USB debugging.
    enabled usb debugging
    enabled USB debugging

Now, let’s move to the second part.

Part 2: Unlock Bootloader of Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro

This process is performed by using of ADB Fastboot tool.

This process may need some pre-requisites, so you need to start with these steps.

  • Get the full backup of your Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro
  • Turn on USB debugging onto your device
  • Install suitable drivers on our PC
  • Download Mi Flash Tool

Here is the main process, which is divided into two parts

Ask for Permission

  1. At the very beginning of process, visit official site and click on Unlock button.
    official website - Unlock bootloader of Xiaomi Devices
    official website – Unlock bootloader of Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro
  2. In the second page, click on “Unlock Now” button.
    unlock now
    unlock now
  3. In the third page, sign in using of your main ID and Password.
  4. Once you compliantly sign in, just click go to unlock bootloader application page, fill all your info and wait for the verification process via SMS.
  5. Finally, you can see this message.

NOTE: This process may take between 2 to 20 days for reviewing you application so be potion and wait for response from Xiaomi.

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MIUI 11 Update is Globally released for Redmi Note 6 Pro

After getting permission, you need to follow my steps, which is shown in part 2.

Unlock Bootloader vis Mi Flash Tool

Here, you need to change some setting on your device.

  • First enable USB debugging. ( Setting > About Phone > Find MIUI version and click on it 7 times > Now Go back > Find Developer option > Enable OEM unlock )
  • Install Latest USB drivers on your PC
  • Take all the backup from your Mobile.
  • Now Log in to your Mi account.

Download mi flash tool

Now the real game is start to unlock bootloader.

  1. Extract the downloaded file and install the Mi flash tool on your PC
    install mi flash tool
    install mi flash tool
  2. After installing it, simply run it.
    agree terms
    agree on terms
  3. Here, you need to connect the device via standard USB cable for entering fastboot mode then turn off your device by pressing of Power On + Volume Down key.
    press volume down + power key
    press volume down + power key
  4. At this stage, you are into fastboot mode, switch to pc and click on unlock button.
    fastboot mode
    fastboot mode
    click on unlock
    click on unlock
    againg click on unlock
    again click on unlock
  5. Maybe it will take around 3 minutes.
    process start
    process start
  6. The smile on your face. The process is done.

If you are facing some issue then just visite: How to unlock bootloader by clicking on it.

Part 3: Flash TWRP on Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro

For TWRP, you need to download two things.

Now, you are ready to flast twrp on the Xiaomi device.

Process To Flash TWRP on Xiaomi Device

  1. At the very begging, install ADB drivers on your PC
  2. Download suitable TWRP recovery for your device
  3. Here, go to downloaded folder of ADB and open Commend window by pressing of Shift + Right-click and click on Open command window here
    ADB Fastboot command window
    ADB Fastboot command window
  4. Connect your Xiaomi device throw USB cable and switch into fastboot mode by typing following commands. ( Windows: adb reboot bootloader , MAC: .adb reboot bootloader )
    adb reboot bootloader flash twrp on xiaomi
    adb reboot bootloader flash twrp on xiaomi
  5. Here, you can see the fastboot mode on your devices, which means the USB drives you installed is perfect working.
  6. Next command is for starting TWRP flashing process, so simply type ( Windows: fastboot devices, MAC: .fastboot devices )
    fastboot devices install twrp on xiaomi devices
    fastboot devices install twrp on xiaomi devices
  7. The last command for flash twrp on Xiaomi is ( Windows: fastboot flash recovery recovery.img, MAC: .fastboot flash recovery recovery.img )
    fastboot flash recovery recovery
    fastboot flash recovery recovery

Our Installation Process is done to install twrp on Xiaomi devices. So, you are ready to root your Xiaomi devices by simply flash SuperSu of Magisk Manager.

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Now boot into TWRP recovery mode by pressing Volume UP key + Power Key Simultaneously for 3 to 5 sec.

If you are facing some issue for Flashing TWRP, then just visit Flash TWRP

Part 4: Root With Magisk Manager to Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro

Here, you need to download some items and then you will perform the rooting process for Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro.

Now, you need to follow the steps and you will root with magisk manager.

  1. Switch off your device and boot into recovery mode by pressing of Volume Up + Power key for 3 to 5 seconds,
  2. Select Wipe->Advance Wipe->Select Cache Data,
  3. Return to Home of TWRP select Install,
  4. Select Disable Dm-Verity-ForceEncrypt.Zip,
  5. After the Installation Again, navigates to Home and Select Install,
  6. Select Magisk.Zip. After the successful installation, Reboot your mobile,
  7. You can also install Magisk Manager in your Mobile Applications. Install a Root checker to verify your Root Status.

Our Rooting Process for Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro is complete, if you had any question about this article or any other, please feel free to ask in the comment section below. Till Than, Good-Bye………