Roborock will develop robot vacuum cleaners for large surfaces

Rock Technology, the company behind the brand Roborock, has announced that its research and development work on its cleaning robot for commercial surfaces has been completed and its testing phase has already begun.

Rock Technology, was established in 2014 thanks to the financial support of Xiaomi. Business focused on the development of smart home appliances which is specialized in the design, development, production, and sale of intelligent cleaning robots.

Currently, its catalog of robot vacuum cleaners includes models such as Roborock S5 Max or S6 among his latest releases. It has also produced all Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaners since its first My Robot Vacuum and its 1S version.


Cleaning costs for large shopping malls have increased in recent years and this rise is expected to continue. In addition, the existing options have too high a price that few companies can afford.

This is why Roborock “jumped into the pool” in the development of these robot vacuum cleaners designed for more professional and intensive use that will allow companies to save costs. Not in vain has it become the first company under the Xiaomi ecosystem to belong to the Sci-Tech Innovation Board.

Currently, these new devices would already be in their testing phase and would have components manufactured by Xinwangda and Dongguan Great Wall. Its IPO in February of this year has allowed it to obtain the necessary funds for the development of these new devices and the following models that it will present to us.