Redmi K30 Ultra, the unexpected Xiaomi smartphone that will surely surprise you

While everything pointed to Xiaomi was preparing the next Redmi K40, a new discovery from one of our internal sources revealed the existence of an unexpected Redmi K30 Ultra enters the source code of the MIUI camera app.

Apparently this Redmi K30 Ultra is linked to model number M2006J10C and in turn on the code name «Cezanne«, Terminal is already seen in various certification bodies such as 3C from China or MIIT where some of its first features have already been revealed.

If we remember, the M2006J10C tied to this new Redmi K30 Ultra would be the new Xiaomi smartphone equipped with a 33W quick charge. In addition, we would be dealing with a new smartphone 5G, a feature added according to rumors thanks to the processor MediaTek Dimension 1000.


Redmi K30 Ultra, the new mid-tweeter series from Xiaomi

But how will it be a new Redmi K30 Ultra from Xiaomi? If we review its features listed in the Chinese 3C unit and now in MIIT, and combine them with filtration by one of our closest sources, we could find ourselves in front of a terminal equipped with a powerful MediaTek Density 1000.

For this, it will be added 5G connectivity and battery z 33W quick charge. Besides, these are just speculations, such as the possibility that we will see the camera with the extension 120x zoom.

In addition to these features, the latest rumors suggest that Xiaomi is preparing a smartphone equipped with a 120 Hz AMOLED display, now is the perfect candidate for this Redmi K30 Ultra.

In short, quite an interesting device that will undoubtedly pull Europe away from China. According to the first data, its launch could take place at the end of the same month of July or the next month of August at the latest.