Packing Supply Checklist And Why You Need It

Even though most people detest moving, you can prepare in advance to make the process go as smoothly as possible. Just locating a new home is the initial phase of moving. You spend the majority of your time packing. The first step in moving is acquiring the appropriate materials.

You may save money, time, and stress by gathering your moving items before the big day. On the day of the move, you’ll be more focused on the task at hand than gathering packing supplies. We advise getting enough packaging materials a few months in advance. The following is a list of the moving goods that Removalists company suggests for quick packing.

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Packing supplies

Boxes of all sizes

When moving your home, a combination of small, medium and large-sized boxes will likely be required. Moving boxes make up about 23% of your move’s total cubic feet. This packing supplies calculator can help you determine how many boxes and other packing supplies you’ll need based on your relocation needs. You’ll likely need more small and medium-sized boxes than large ones because they’re lighter when they’re loaded down with things. When packing your moving boxes, bear in mind that heavier objects belong in smaller boxes and lighter objects in larger ones.

Boxes for clothing

Wardrobe boxes protect your hanging garments from damage while it is being transported. A wardrobe box will hold around 6 pairs of shoes and 2 feet of hanging items in the bottom. Unlike normal boxes, wardrobe boxes allow you to hang your garments from a metal bar that runs the length of the box. You can calculate how many wardrobe boxes you’ll need by taking the length of your hanging clothing in feet, and then dividing it by two. From that, you should be able to determine how many wardrobe boxes you need for your relocation. It is usually advisable to learn how to pack a wardrobe box before moving.

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Boxes for dishware

Dish pack boxes are made especially for packing breakable items you want to keep safe, such as kitchenware. To provide this extra security, dish pack boxes have sturdy double walls. When relocating, it’s usually a good idea to use these boxes to lessen the risk of anything breaking.

Sealing tape

Buy a lot of high-quality packing tape at a good price. You will need tape to make boxes and to seal them after they are full, so spend a little more money on tape that is more robust. Avoid using dollar store packaging tape. Furthermore, you’ll likely need more than you think, so get one or two extra rolls just to be safe.

Mattress satchels

Whether you are moving, hiring professional Removalists company, or storing your possessions, mattress bags are a MUST-HAVE. You should have one for each mattress and box spring, and you should also get the right sizes for each mattress. While you’re moving, mattress covers shield your mattress from stains and insects.


Always carry a trustworthy pair of scissors close by when packing and relocating. In addition to using tools to cut tape, you’ll need them to alter blankets, construct special boxes for unique objects, and open any boxes that you may have packed wrongly.

Paper for packing

Packing paper is the most frequent type of packaging used to safeguard fragile items within boxes. You wrap each item in its packaging and add packing paper that has been crumpled to the inside of the boxes to provide padding. You need approximately 5 lbs of packing paper for each room in your home (including the garage, dining room, etc.).

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Containers made of plastic

When moving, it’s always a good idea to have some plastic storage bins on hand. Simple storage in the home can be accomplished by using these containers, which can also be used as moving boxes and last for years. If you don’t already have any of these storage containers, you might want to buy some for your move.

Inflatable wrap

Bubble wrap is among the greatest materials for protecting your valuables. However, it is not particularly eco-friendly. Very small treasures, porcelain artefacts, or other items can be wrapped in bubble wrap if you need to offer an extra layer of protection.

Either markers or labels

There are two ways to label supplies: directly on the boxes using a permanent marker, or using labels and a marker (choose the latter if you’re using plastic bins). As an alternative, you can use colour-coded labels to immediately identify which room a box belongs in.

Finally, make sure to include some necessary cleaning supplies for a smooth transition into your new home once you leave your old one. Put this box in your car, not the moving truck, to make getting to it easier.

You ought to have access to paper towels, safety goggles, window and bathroom cleaners, a mop and bucket, a broom and dustpan, and a portable vacuum cleaner.

In the end, the choice is yours. You can, however, contact a removalists firm to perform the strenuous lifting if you’re feeling overburdened. Along with storage solutions, packing, and unpacking services, these moving firms also offer.