Oclean X Pro Sonic, the toothbrush that plants Oral-B

Among the premium brushes of well-known brands, the smart toothbrush from Huami, a mid-range device, due to its price, but with features typical of premium brushes that it has achieved position very well.

Giving the user great control over their cleaning routines. Highlighting the total control, artificial intelligence, Bluetooth, touch screen, are features that we could only find, until now in brushes of 160 or 200 euros. This is the Oclean X Pro Sonic and our experience.

The aforementioned is visible in some brands such as Oral-B, but not in all because the Oclean X Pro, the smart toothbrush of Huami, rivals these and has characteristics of that high-end, almost exclusive, but for a price that has nothing to do with the aforementioned, going from those 200 euros approximately to only 50 euros.

Obviously, it has cons, as you might suppose, but it more than compensates taking into account everything that this smart toothbrush gives us compared to those other brands of premium brushes that make the care of our teeth and correct brushing almost a luxury or a privilege.


What do we find in Huami’s Oclean X Pro Sonic?

Here is the review in video format, but if you want you can also continue reading to find out about this Huami brush that is sweeping sales:

These are the features of this Huami smart toothbrush:

Features Oclean X Pro Sonic

Now, if we start from the first impression that this smart brush gives, we see that in terms of aesthetics, what we find in that first contact is really surprising. Huami’s toothbrush already makes a difference with other plastic brushes that do not look for the aesthetics of the product and that have those typical materials and colors of cleaning products. In this case, both the colors and the finishes, even starting from the packaging, show us that they have put a lot of effort into the product and showing high-end quality. The user is holding a smart toothbrush with premium finishes.

The lightweight of this toothbrush means that we hardly notice that we are using it, being really comfortable to use and that it is very manageable for any user. In addition, small drops of water and other debris from brushing are really easy to clean, which makes the toothbrush seem even after a month of use fresh out of the box.

Oclean X Pro Sonic Weight

Leaving aside the most aesthetic part, we see that this smart toothbrush is really functional and solves some issues that are often annoying for users, such as the issue of marks on the support where we usually leave the toothbrush, already be it because of the lime or other issues. How does this premium performance toothbrush solve this? It does so through that 2-in-1 charger that allows a the vertical bracket on the wall. This means that we can leave the toothbrush “in the air” since through a slight magnet and the opening of this, the smart brush is hooked to it in the air. The support itself is attached to the wall.

So will it always be on the wall, how do I load it? Do not, it does not need to always be vertically on the wall, it’s more, we will need to put it in the traditional way for its load. Yes, if we want to have that option and add it to the wall, Huami’s smart brush adheres through a 3M adhesive, so we will have to be sure of where we are going to put it before proceeding with it. On the other hand, that we put it on the wall does not mean that we can not load it later.

The support that accompanies this brush can be removed, having a part that remains adhered to the wall and another, which is where the charging part and connection to the light is apart. Both parts, the one that remains adhered to the wall and the one that is part of the brush loading system, are easily attached to each other through a magnet. With this system, we can have the brush vertically on our wall and if we need to charge it, we simply extract the charging part and put it where we want, connecting to the light and charging our smart toothbrush as we would any other, premium or do not.

In the section on autonomy, Huami adds a long-lasting battery to the Oclean X Pro Sonic brush, which offers around a month of duration with the use of two daily brushes. Taking about two hours to load. What makes the support and loading system little cumbersome.

battery Oclean X Pro Sonic

One of the issues that differentiates it at the level of characteristics of many of the electric brushes is its head, since it is not circular or broken, but rather more similar to manual brushes and contrary to that rotation of the head (which usually splashes everywhere if you are not careful) this generates the movement through the general vibration of the toothbrush head itself, which makes it clean with the same quality, but even in the highest vibration mode it does not splash anything.

If we compare the Huami Ocean X Pro Sonic based on the elements that it shows in common with other premium smart toothbrushes from other brands, we see that it has similarities in some such as the AI, the screen that marks the brushing time recommended by experts, the information on the quality of the brushing (much more specific in the Oclean than the simple smiling face of the Oral-B), as well as the multiple modes and their power levels making it a clear rival and that it stands up without barely blink.

An app that makes customization easy

In the app available for Android and ios From Oclean, we can with our profile choose a program already created and designed for specific questions, such as the sensitivity of our teeth, existing diseases, if we wear braces, etc. or, on the other hand, if we do not know which is best for us, it allows us to respond to a few brief questions that will lead us to which is the most recommended program based on our dental hygiene needs. In addition, we can also create our own program through this app and synchronize it with our smart toothbrush.


Once we have it running, the app receives all the information from the toothbrush giving not only a general assessment, that is, the score that has been shown on the screen, but also an assessment at the level of cleaning and pressure exerted. This information is stored in the application and we can, after a few days of using the Oclean X Pro Sonic, find a general assessment as well as a downloadable pdf from the app where we have all the records for the month.

This allows us to have much more knowledge about our brushing routines and our oral health. These characteristics are not found in other brushes of the same or similar price, but as we have commented in those smart brushes that we could qualify as premium or high-end.

The app will also help us to update the firmware of the brush, adding improvements in brushing and solving small errors that it may have, being a brush updated more or less quarterly.

In short, we have a smart toothbrush that allows you to choose a brushing program (or tells you which is the best for you), also shows how to brush based on each program, controls the time specified by dentists, with Its AI and its 6-axis gyroscope detect where you have cleaned yourself, where you haven’t cleaned yourself and if you have done it with enough desire. Send all the information to the application and it shows you an assessment of each brushing and a downloadable monthly report with all the records made, all at a competitive price that not even the famous Oral-B offers. What more could you ask for from this premium quality yet affordable smart toothbrush?

Oclean X Pro Sonic App

What can be its weak points? The weak point that we find in the Oclean X Pro Sonic is that we cannot find it in a physical store (the same happens with many toothbrushes in the premium segment), having to buy it through platforms such as Amazon, and the same with its heads, without having evidently of white label heads in establishments that reduce the cost of the officers. Thus, while the medium and low ranges of some toothbrushes you can find spare parts in the supermarkets of your neighborhood, both private label and original, in the case of this smart brush it is better to think long term and buy our spare parts in advance, since we depend on the online purchase and its delivery times.

Is the Oclean X Pro Sonic suitable for everyone?

Yes, since with all the modes it has and its different programs from the app make it adaptable to any type of cleaning needs. Also, although it is priced higher than some toothbrushes, proper dental hygiene prevents many future problems, so it is a good investment.

On the other hand, the little ones may not get the most out of this smart toothbrush from Huami, especially when they are starting to learn to follow a cleaning routine. So that they can learn to manage cleaning times and clean all areas, making all this much more enjoyable, before moving on to brushes like the Oclean X Pro, we can use an application that will surely help you.

This application, Pokémon Smile (it does not require a smart toothbrush or a premium type, any brush will do) will help them familiarize and get used to a good brushing routine before moving on to more complex brushes like the Oclean X Pro or another smart brush.

In this case we can use the selfie camera, where the little ones will see themselves next to the Pokémon they choose and through a video game they will have to brush their teeth in such a way as to kill all the bacteria.

This will gradually make them learn to have proper dental hygiene without the need for this application, but of course, until then, this way will help them learn by playing and introduce that cleaning routine much easier in their day-to-day life.

Oclean X Pro Sonic and our good experience

Without a doubt, we are facing one of the smartest and most sold toothbrushes on the market today. The good reputation of the company, the app, its characteristics in terms of power and battery life make it the most interesting option on the market.

Its price It is 41 € from Spain and the spare parts they usually cost about € 8 a pair, so for less than € 50 we have a complete brush that will offer us a deep cleaning for a few years. But you can also buy from the official store for € 58 in a pack that includes the case and 4 refills using the code OCLEANCD3 or for € 54 only with spare parts with the code OCLEANXPRO.

Oclean also has even cheaper brushes such as the Oclean F1 that eliminates your screen to lower costs without sacrificing performance with app and brushing. Being a good proposal for very tight budgets.