MIUI 11 has a secret setting to see the battery charge cycles

The battery is one of the components of our smartphone that ages the worst. It is more than likely that you have suffered, terminals that, after a few years, can barely survive a few hours before running out of power. It is not easy to know how healthy the battery of our smartphone is, but thanks to a trick you can do it on your Xiaomi mobile.

We are going to tell you how can you know the number of charge cycles of your smartphone in a simple way. But why are they so important? A charge cycle is fulfilled when we use the total capacity of the battery, and it is estimated that a smartphone performs adequately for about 400 cycles. Therefore, you may be interested in knowing where your Xiaomi mobile is.


At what point is your battery life?

For these steps to work, you must have MIUI 11 running on the latest version of Google’s operating system, Android 10. The first thing you should do is open the phone application and dial the following, without spaces: * # * # 6 4 8 5 # * # *.

Then press the call button. A menu will then appear with a series of data detailing information on various aspects of the battery, such as voltage or its status. Nevertheless, what interests us most is what appears under the code MF_02.

That number that you see indicated is the one that reflects device charge cycles. In the case of this image, which has been published on the official MIUI blog, we find a terminal that has gone through 232 charge cycles.

It does not matter if you start from 100% battery and discharge your smartphone completely, or if you use it up to 50%, charge it and reach half again, you will be completing a charge cycle. This terminal could be around its first year of life, but, Where is yours? If you want to know more about the status of your battery, just follow these simple steps.