This is how dynamic MIUI 11 notifications work that change throughout the day

Written by Vishal Patel

Beyond the elimination of the most strident colors and the complete renewal of the user interface, MIUI 11 brings with it small features that make it a unique system. This time we talk about dynamic notifications, various sounds that will change throughout the day.

MIUI 11 has become one of the most awaited customization layers of Xiaomi. Not only for its visual changes, but also for all its small innovations such as the dynamic notifications that Xiaomi wanted to show us on video.

As we can see under these lines and as it was also announced on the presentation day of MIUI 11, Xiaomi has decided to include new system sounds and with it new notifications. New functionality that depending on the time of day we are in will play one sound or another.

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As you can see, at night time the sounds are much dimmer and thus less annoying. On the other hand, during the most active hours of the day, the sounds will become much louder and easier to listen to, even if we are in the street or with a lot of background noise.

It should be noted that this functionality has only reached a few users who have already installed MIUI 11. Even so, it is expected that in the next updates it will be deployed to virtually all devices of the firm.

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