Mi Wireless Mouse 2 Equipped with Ultra-quiet Buttons

Mi Wireless Mouse 2 review
Written by Vishal Patel

Are you looking for Mi Wireless Mouse 2? Here, you can able to know more about Mi Wireless Mouse 2 with their specs and price, also know the availability of it.

Expanding its catalog of gadgets for productivity, Xiaomi has launched its new Mi Wireless Mouse 2. A mouse intended for use in laptops and desktops, equipped with innovative ultra-quiet push-buttons.

Specs of Mi Wireless Mouse 2

The new Xiaomi Mi Wireless Mouse 2 has a size of 112x50x33m, has a body finished in high-strength plastic and a rubbery enamel coating, very pleasant to the skin.

Inside we find an optical sensor capable of reaching 1,000dpi of precision. In turn, it has 2.4G Wireless connectivity (125Hz) capable of reaching 10 meters away, powered by an AA battery that is housed inside.

The great news is found in its ultra-quiet push buttons. A novel mechanism that guarantees a smooth pulsation without producing practically any kind of annoying “click”. For its connection with the computer, it makes use of a small USB receiver compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux systems.

Price and availability

The new Xiaomi Mi Wireless Mouse 2 is already on sale in China in black and white, for only 59 yuan, about 8 euros to change ($ 9). Although probably not officially launched for sale in Spain, in the next few days we can see it for sale in the main resellers of China.

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