Management of Conflicts

Conflicts are an unavoidable part of everyone’s life. We experience it in our daily life. The best way to prevent oneself from lashing out in anger whenever experiencing conflict is to just resolve or manage them rather than focusing on avoiding them in every manner possible. Healthy resolution of conflicts is very vital for everyone in every domain of life, be it school, colleges, home, office, hospitals, corporate, etc., therefore, learning how to manage them can aid an individual in the best manner possible. In this article, we shall precisely focus on solving conflicts in the workplace visit here

1. Gain an understanding on how the conflict originated

The most basic step in solving a conflict is by understanding its source. Explaining the origin of conflict will help you to acknowledge how the matter evolved and became complex, it helps you to understand all the factors which led to growth of conflict. In addition to it, you will be able to understand the opinions and concerns of both the parties, you can discuss deeply about all the requirements and needs which need to be fulfilled. Also focus on providing utmost security and mutual understanding when hearing out to others opinions, continue acknowledging and questioning them until you are confident that you and the other party has understood the origin and nature of conflict completely.  

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2. Always focus on privacy and choose a safe and private space to discuss matter

To mindfully solve the problem one should never ignore the miraculous effect of a peaceful and calm environment. You would have never seen people fighting when there is a waterfall right in front of them or if a rainbow is shining in the sky. The supportive environment helps you and other person to safely open up and talk about things. Additionally, choosing a close, private office or platform can help one to feel assured that they can trust on you and openly talk about things. No matter if you are having a meeting or presentation in person (in offices, restaurants or other kinds of open space) or virtually (via. zoom calls, online apps, online teaching sites, or other kinds of online platforms which avail connectivity for professional purpose) 

3. Practice conscious listening and provide opportunities to others to express themselves

Ones both the parties are ready to meet in private and safe space, make sure to avail healthy communication in between them. Allow each of the members to actively express themselves in whatever manner they want. Additionally, if you feel you may even set basic rules in order to avoid unhealthy taunting or miscommunication in groups discussion, rather be assertive in nature and focus on finding the best possible solution to the problem at hand.  For example, if your company is planning to create a LMS portals to monitor the work done by every employee of the company and provide them weekly reports and feedback about their commitment to the company and job role. So, in such a situation there can be multiple inputs from everyone about the parameters which should be monitored. Therefore, it is very important to actively listen to the ideas and opinions of others and equally allow everyone to have sufficient time to express their opinion and ideas. 

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4. After planning on the possible solution, commit oneself to one solution and decide on the responsibilities of every member. 

After discussing all the aspects and dynamics with multiple perspectives, it becomes important to collectively decide on one solution which best fulfills the need of the situation. In this process, always keep in mind that the solution should be accepted by both the parties, and fulfill their individual goals apart from the company’s goal. After deciding on the solution, divide the responsibilities of every member on the basis of the level of expertise and specializations they possess.  

5. Assess the relevancy and appropriateness of solution and decide on some preventives measure to be taken in order to avoid similar conflict in future

Never imagine that the solution decided with precisely fit the requirements therefore keep an eye on the issue and actively monitor whether it is reducing or not, Subsequently effective communication is very vital to effectively run the company, so keep checking on other sources and factors which lead to further new conflicts and disagreements so pan on how to solve them as well.