Lei Jun shows us his top 3 Xiaomi smartphones

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun has revealed to the public what are your preferences regarding the smartphone line that Xiaomi has developed in recent years making clear the three that have most captivated you.

The first of them is him My Mix 2, in the ceramic version. This smartphone was released in the fall of 2017. It was the first smartphone in the world to use a ceramic unibody body. Its predecessor was a great evolutionary leap in the range of terminals that Xiaomi had developed so far and that would obtain even greater success with the version 2s to finally succumb to his third generation, the first to incorporate 5G, but with a design that users did not like.

My Mix 2S

And it is that during 2017, Xiaomi presented large terminals. The company still was struggling to make a presence in such a competitive market and had to make a difference. Therefore, the second terminal chosen by Lei is the other flagship of 2017: the Xiaomi Mi 6 of which he has highlighted his Silver Edition. The first great evolution in terms of the dual rear camera that had great performance and autonomy.

Finally, it could not miss your most expensive smartphone for sale so far by the brand. The last terminal to be added to the list is the new flagship Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro. Lei Jun emphasized that this is the first real Xiaomi flagship that really belongs to the upper segment of the market competing from you to you with Samsung or iPhone.

For this reason, the company did not make an effort to reduce the cost but focused its efforts on meeting the needs of users looking for a high-end smartphone, according to the Xiaomi CEO himself. We will see if this change in strategy is positive at the end of the year and shows that the Mi 10 can achieve the successes of the other two models that were a before and after in the Xiaomi range.