Learn the art of stealth vaping here

Learn the art of stealth vaping here

Hey, my dear vape lovers. Do you also feel uncomfortable while vaping in public? Do they keep staring at you while you do so? Do you feel like hiding from them? People still face alien reactions, even after the legalization of vapes. The reason being vapes are still not widely accepted. The amount of smoke released while vaping can naturally draw people’s attention.

So, what do we need to do? Should we stop vaping at all? Should we continue to feel uncomfortable while vaping? That is probably not a solution! But, stealth vaping can be. Welcome, all of you who know or have never heard of it. Today, we will teach you the art of stealth vaping. So, grab your THC Vape pens and get ready to be started. 

What is stealth vaping? 

Stealth vaping is what some people call discreet vaping. It is an effective way of vaping when you are in public. We all know that it is the smoke that attracts attention towards vaping. Stealth vaping is an art to reduce the smoke without cutting your intake. 

Here, we aim to reduce the exhaled-off puff to zero. So, it cannot catch anybody’s attention or not be alien. The best suitable device for such vaping is stealth vape. The reason is the tight MTL draw and low power. But don’t worry, your favorite CBD vape pens can still steal the show. How? We learn it later in this part. Make sure you are not practicing it in places where vaping is banned. A failed attempt can drag you into serious issues. 

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Learn how to stealth vape

Stealth vaping is more like an art. How? It requires practice, boldness, and conciseness. Let us learn why we need these qualities. 

STEP1– Get yourself an ultraportable vape kit. It can be a stealth vape kit, pod vape, disposal vape, or CBD. These devices are either small-sized or pulled apart to become small. Due to that, you can carry it easily. Additionally, a small vape device can pull lesser vape. Hence, easy to vape discreetly. 

STEP2– Most vape pens have an LED light in them. But, they are small enough to get covered by your hands. So, put a finger over it, especially when in a room with dim lights. 

Otherwise, it is child’s play to know what you are doing. 

STEP3– Now, take a small puff for a few seconds. Generally, a less powerful vape pen cannot form a big cloud. But, if you are trying this with a powerful vape device, you need to be extremely careful. And here comes the master trick, exhale through a small opening. And exhale downwards with a sharp blow or away from the audience. 

Discreet vaping means zero smoke. It should not be visible at all. So, it is best to get a taste of it beforehand. Try it in a safer place like home before taking the actual challenge.  

What is zero vaping?

What is zero vaping









Zero vaping is another form of stealth vaping. Under this, the person inhales the vapors but exhales nothing. Beginners should completely ignore it. People who are into vaping are usually aware of the amount that suits them. And, you have to play around the level. 

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Using a powerful vape device can land you an embarrassing cough. So, make sure you avoid such CBD vape pens and sub-ohm tanks. The sound of the coil can still draw some attention. Disclaimer: Do not opt for it in the places where vaping is banned. 

A combination of stealth and zero vaping can let you vape without your friends noticing. 

So, here are the takeaways: 

  • Use a small, portable, and a less powerful vape pen. 
  • Use your finger to cover the light of the device. 
  • Use the technique of zero vaping.  

Great job! You finally did it. 

How to zero vape? 

All the risk-takers take a break. Zero vaping is not that easy. It involves some breath control. And without getting used to it, you can absent-mindedly return to the usual method. And we do not want this to happen to you. So, we have listed some pointers to bail you out of the risk. 

  • The shorter, the better: Take the slightest puff of your life. Great. Now, hold it, inhale some air from your nose and mouth. Stay calm and wait for an additional second. Let your chest expand. Let the air move in once again. You are doing this to dilute the vapor. Now, exhale through pursed lips. 
  • One deep inhale all it takes: It can be a tricky part for beginners. After the puff, you need to inhale softly. And take the vapor down to the lungs. Hold it for 3 to 5 seconds. Make sure you do not inhale violently. Then, exhale slowly. 
  • The hit and trial approach: There is no calculated time for every move. So, you have to design your own. For this, the trial and error method is the best. Start with a minimum timed puff. Then, you can add or subtract one second as per the result. Once there is no smoke and uncomfortable feeling, you have achieved it. Then, all you should do is stick with that calculation. 
  • Don’t be so hard on yourself: Having issues with inhaling and exhaling in the beginning is natural. Do not stress it, do not push yourself. Learning the art of zero vaping takes time. And, if it gets complicated, you can stop trying at all. It is not skillful stuff. In case you are having issues, drop the act immediately. 
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Final words 

Vaping for beginners is not just subject to alien reactions. But it can have a poor impact on society as well. When a child around you experiences, passive smoking can affect their systems negatively. So, you have to be mindful of it. In such cases, stealth vaping is beneficial. It causes less smoke: chances of getting it inhaled by others are limited. It will protect you from getting caught in a restricted area.