How To Install MIUI Third Party Themes On Xiaomi Mobile

Written by Vishal Patel

Hello to all Xiaomi Users, after greeting you cordially, we want to share with you today a guide that will help you Install MIUI Third Party Themes so that they can enjoy them on their Smartphones without any problem or concern.

However, a small trick can be used to continue the installation of any MIUI themeThe small tutorial was published in the official MIUI forum, where it was later expanded and informed to multiple users.

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let’s get started with the small tutorials.

Guide: Install MIUI Third Party Themes on MIUI without Any Error

Step 1- Click here to Download MIUI Theme Editor and Install

Xiaomi MIUI theme download

Download and Install MIUI Theme Editor

Step 2-Now click on the “Browse” button and go to the theme you want to install downloaded MIUI Theme and select it and then click on the “Start” button.


Xiaomi MIUI themes download

Click on the “Browse” button

Step 3-Then you must go to the folder where the theme is saved with the .mtz file format, once the theme path is loaded you must click on Start.

How to install miui theme

Select .mtz file format

Step 4-On the screen that appears Next, it is not necessary to modify any option, we will find several functions but we only have to click on the Next button.

Xiaomi theme MIUI 10

Click on the Next button

Step 5-Just give a personalized name to the theme you just chose, save the location and click on Finish.

Xiaomi MIUI 9.5 theme

Select Theme Path and Click on Finish Button

Step 6– Now click on Install Button.

Xiaomi MIUI 8 dark theme

Click on Install Button

Note: Maybe this trick might not work on the updated MIUI 9.5 version or above.

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