install miui 11

Install MIUI 11 On Any Xiaomi Smartphone

Are you looking for how to install miui 11 on xiaomi device? Here, you can able to know the perfect method for manually install miui 11 on almost any mi device.

MIUI 11 has become one of Xiaomi’s most anticipated customization layers. Whether for its renewed user interface or for its new features such as Mi Work and Mi Go , it is clear that Xiaomi has done a great job turning MIUI 11 into an even more complete customization layer.

install miui 11
Flash Miui 11

Even so, the deployment of this new version is being somewhat abrupt , arriving before certain models in its Global version without news of the European version and others just the opposite, first to the European (EEA) and then to the Global. In addition, the deployment of MIUI 11 is being carried out in phases, reaching certain users who have a specific terminal before and other days later.

Therefore, we will explain how to manually download MIUI 11 for your Xiaomi smartphone and thus force its installation. In this way, you will not have to wait for it to arrive automatically and start enjoying all your changes and news.

How to manually install MIUI 11

First of all we will have to check which version of MIUI we have installed on our Xiaomi device. To do this, simply access the Settings application followed by the section « On the telephone «. Once inside we will look at the MIUI compilation name that appears in the section « MIUI Version «.

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Once the version is located we will have to look at the final part composed of several letters. In between them appears the exact version of MIUI that we have installed. Depending on these letters, the version will be ” MI ” for the Global version, ” EU ” for the European version (EEA) and ” CN ” for China.

Next we will have to manually download the ROM corresponding to our version. For this we recommend the Downmi tool available in Web version from this link or in application format available in the Google Play Store.

Process To Download MIUI 11

  1. Go to downmi home page
  2. Select Device
  3. Select type of ROM
  4. Now, select miui version
  5. Last but not the least, click on download button and start the latest version of miui

Note: At last you were see two option, recover and fastboot. if you want to flash miui with twrp then go for recovery, or you can go with fastboot method using of adb fastboot tool.

This is For Redmi Note 7 Pro. Once inside we will only have to select our device, the version in question, that is, China or Global (includes Global and European) and then the version we want to download. For example, as we can see on these lines, for Redmi Note 7 we find version V11.0.3.0.PFGEUXM that would be the European version and V11.0.3.0.PFGMIXM which will be the one we will download if we have the device in Global version. Now, you need to flash TWRP recovery.

Process To Flash TWRP

Before start the process, we need to do some pre-requirements stuffs then we start the final process to flash twrp on xiaomi.

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  • Install latest Xiaomi USB drivers.
  • Need to unlocked Bootloader. if you haven’t then visit the post “Unlock Bootloader Of Xiaomi Devices”
  • Take a full backup of your device
  • Download TWRP recovery image, if you haven’t then visit the page “TWRP for Xiaomi”
  • Install ADB Fastboot tool on your PC. You can download from here
  • Charge your phone at list up to 70%
  • USB debugging and OEM unlocking Enable

Now, you are ready to flast twrp on xiaomi device.

Process To Flash TWRP on Xiaomi Device

  1. At the very begging, install ADB drivers on your PC
  2. Download suitable TWRP recovery for your device
  3. Here, go to downloaded folder of ADB and open Commend window by pressing of Shift + Right click and click on Open command window here
    ADB Fastboot command window
    ADB Fastboot command window
  4. Connect your xiaomi device throw USB cable and switch into fastboot mode by typing following commands. ( Windows: adb reboot bootloader , MAC: .adb reboot bootloader )
    adb reboot bootloader flash twrp on xiaomi
    adb reboot bootloader flash twrp on xiaomi
  5. Here, you can see the fastboot mode on your devices, which means the usb drives you installed is perfectly works.
  6. Next command is for starting TWRP flashing process, so simply type ( Windows: fastboot devices, MAC: .fastboot devices )
    fastboot devices install twrp on xiaomi devices
    fastboot devices install twrp on xiaomi devices
  7. The last command for flash twrp on xiaomi is ( Windows: fastboot flash recovery recovery.img, MAC: .fastboot flash recovery recovery.img )
    fastboot flash recovery recovery
    fastboot flash recovery recovery

Our Installation Process is done to install twrp. Now boot into TWRP recovery mode by pressing Volume UP key + Power Key Simultaneously for 3 to 5 sec. Now, you are ready to flash latest miui 11.

Process To Flash MIUI 11 via TWRP

  1. First of all, you need to boot into TWRP recovery mode by pressing Volume UP key + Power Key Simultaneously for 3 to 5 sec.
  2. Wipe data and Dalvik cache
  3. Take a full backup
  4. Insatall Miui 11
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After downloading the corresponding MIUI 11 ROM and stored in the internal memory of the device we will only have to go to the “ Updater ” application , and once there, we will display the menu in the upper right and click on “Choose update package”. You just have to select the file downloaded in the previous section, wait for it to be installed and we will have MIUI 11 on our device.

If this option does not appear, we will activate it from the Settings application ⇒ On the phone ⇒ System update and press 10 times on the number “10” shown to us. In this way we can access through a three-dot icon in the upper area, a menu where you can select the previously downloaded ROM .