Install a custom ROM on your Xiaomi mobile


In an article earlier we were talking about what a ROM was, its function, and the types of ROMs that the Android ecosystem had. And now I want to explain what benefits it offers you to install a custom ROM on your mobile.

The benefits can be many, as long as we do things correctly.

At this point, I will take the courage to recommend the EU ROM and an article in which you can learn to install it. In addition, this process will serve to install other Roms, not only the EU.

1st benefit of installing a custom ROM on your mobile: personalization

Personalized is a word that has to go hand in hand with personalization. And that’s right! The main benefit of installing a custom ROM is being able to customize aspects of your mobile that previously seemed impossible to customize.

To be able to enjoy it, you only have to choose a ROM whose design and characteristics in total catch your attention and install it on your mobile.

The ROMs is best known as LineageOS, Pixel Experience or Dirty Unicorns They can be a change of scenery for you and your mobile.

2nd benefit of installing a custom ROM on your mobile: having the most current version of Android when the manufacturer does not support it.

There comes a point where smartphone manufacturers do not support certain models in their catalog. Sometimes it is not done because the model is totally obsolete, but because they represent an unnecessary expense of resources for the company. Very few users have the device in their hands.

For this reason, you may find yourself in the situation that your mobile no longer receives updates for its operating system.

Many times, if not the vast majority of the time, this can be resolved by installing another ROM and obtaining these updates through ROMs manufactured by third parties.

3rd benefit of installing a custom ROM on your mobile: repair your mobile

Some errors on your mobile can be solved by installing a new ROM. Such is the case of a very common mistake called boot-loop.

The boot-loop error consists of the constant restart of our mobile device. This restart occurs indefinitely without allowing the mobile to reach a state in which we can use it normally.

A possible solution for this type of error is to install a custom ROM. Many times this completely ends this problem.

Finally, continue using our smartphone

Not only can you put your mobile back on the wave of updates, but also You can resurrect some old and obsolete phones or that have suffered a bricked.

After having been playing with our mobile, things can go wrong.

When making modifications to the bootloader, system partition, and other software-sensitive components, there is a risk that the software may be corrupted and the device may stop responding correctly.

One of the possible solutions, in case the boot files are corrupt or have disappeared, it is to install a new ROM.

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We do not want to have to miss you in these parts, so if you could solve any of the problems that your mobile device presents or add more and better functionalities to it by installing a new custom ROM, we will be delighted.

Do you think something is missing? Do you want to comment on it? We are reading to you!