Improve Your Video Ads With These 6 Video Makers

Are you tired of the state of your current video ads and want to improve them to move to the next level? If yes, then you didn’t come across this article by mistake. Video ads have continued to gain importance in the digital world, and without a doubt, they are here to stay. The contribution of video ads, especially in the marketing, business, and entrepreneur field, is immense. is a video maker that you can use to create video ads quite easily.

If you’re out to improve your video ads, read on to get started and hope you will find a solution with the 6 Video Makers discussed below.


Biteable has proven to be among the best video makers for animations, allowing you to create adorable videos easily. Its templates are designed for a variety of groups, including marketers and businesses interested in making videos for their various social media campaigns. In addition, you can build great ads and other types of video content with Biteable.

This video maker is free with unmatched ease of use. It’s also best for audio and has a vast template library to render you spoilt for choice. The best of it all is that you can add pre-designed templates to each of your video scenes. Apart from not being able to support social sharing directly and limited customization, all other things are perfect. It guarantees your ads an improvement.


With the several video maker tools easily accessible, it’s easier to get confused, especially when you want to improve video ads. With MotionAray, you can be able to enhance your video to be enticing. So, what will make this possible? It has a list of presets, templates, and audio-visual elements that are royalty-free. Not only this, but Adobe users have an added advantage because they will find plugins, after effects within their Adobe application.

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MotionArray also has an excellent tool for video collaboration known as Review. This tool aids the reviewer to make comments with automatic timestamps; you can equate it to the collaboration done on google docs but for videos. Sounds interesting, huh! You can also generate a video portfolio that has a custom domain. You’ll improve your video ads with all these.


Don’t get the name wrong; this Video Maker isn’t strictly a reserve for animations; you can also create live-action videos. It has a unique character builder that enables it to create tons of animated characters for your videos. In addition, Animaker has a drag and drop feature, making it stand out from the rest. It also has several templates that you can choose from and stock assets of over a million. Guess that it can’t get any easier than this.

Additionally, you can freely upload and edit, knowing that you can resize your final product to suit any of the social media platforms of your choice. With all these, you are sure to improve your video ads. It’s free, so think of giving it a try.

Promo Video Maker

Promo has a massive collection of templates and video clips that you can use to create videos for various platforms. It will, however, be in your best interest to note that professionals primarily use it. You can make any professional video with it. In addition, you will note that the templates and clips are for the appropriate industry. This will help you customise your advert.

Customising your advert can significantly help you, especially when you want your ad to stand out. You will find templates for literally every business. What’s more? They have a template for even special dates. So, your ad will have a professional touch. What better way to improve your advert than to give it a cool professional touch?

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Placeit Video Maker can improve your video ads when you create stories like testimonials, product demos, slideshows, among other kinds of videos. As much as it’s simple to use, it offers a lot like; a vast audio library, thousands of stunning templates, keyframe preview to make your editing faster.

With Placeit, you can create eye-catching video clips and improve both your ads and brand. Additionally, it will offer you an option to add colour, music, and animations and customise your video the way you want.


Magisto can assist you in creating and sharing videos and gauge the performance of your videos by simply viewing the analytics. From the analytics, you can know how your video ad is fairing and come up with ways to improve where you feel there is a need to do so. Additionally, with its plethora of photos at your disposal, you won’t have an excuse for failing to come up with a fantastic video. Magisto guarantees you limitless possibilities of creating commercial videos with any theme that you can think of.  

Final Thoughts

You can only achieve your objective or goal when you have a great video. Anyone can make a video, but your audience will only be intrigued by a great video. If you don’t think you can handle it, you can contact some video production agencies in Iowa. A good advert has immense benefits, and you need a great video maker to make or improve your ad. Avoid your efforts going down the drain by using the Video Makers discussed in this piece. Choose one that you deem appropriate and get down to work, and you will smile at the result if you do it well.