How To fix No Sound On Xiaomi Mi Box S? Full Guide

Fix No Sound On Xiaomi Mi Box S: Are you looking for how to fix no sound on my Xiaomi Mi Box S? If, yes then read the full article to get the answers.

It makes viewing 4k HDR Ultra HD video from all sides and distances enjoyable. Using the Xiaomi Mi Box S, you will encounter a 360-degree viewing experience. Diagnosing the problem with a step-by-step process would help you identify why there is no sound.

It is commonly complained about on the forum that the Xiaomi Mi Box S has no sound. Once connected to the television, the sound issue persists. Here are the steps to fix the no sound issue on Xiaomi Mi Box S.

How To fix No Sound On Xiaomi Mi Box S? Full Guide
How To fix No Sound On Xiaomi Mi Box S? Full Guide

How to fix the no sound on my Xiaomi Mi Box S?

Check the connectivity of your device, and make sure the cables are properly connected. Unplug and reconnect each cable again. The audio setting should likewise be examined. This feature causes the sound problem. The default setting should resolve it.

How To fix No Sound On Xiaomi Mi Box S?
How To fix No Sound On Xiaomi Mi Box S?

How to Fix Sound Issues on my Mi Box S?

  1. If you lose connection to your HDMI cable, this might cause a sound system issue. Disconnect and reconnect until the problem is resolved.
  2. By checking your audio settings, you can avoid unwanted task. Setting the audio settings to default mode will clear all the settings, resolving any sound issues on your Xiaomi Mi Box S.
  3. Getting back to factory settings: If the first two options don’t work for you, the next step is restoring factory settings. Doing so will erase all the changes you’ve made to the device and change it back to the original settings.
  4. The first step you should take is to update your Android app to the newly released version. This should fix the issue and get your Xiaomi Mi Box back to normal. Update and check if that works.


How To Increase Volume on Xiaomi Mi Box S? (Extra Tip)

It is possible to enhance the sound on the Xiaomi Mi Box S beyond the maximum allowed level by using a third-party application.

Volume booster Goodev and Super High Volume Booster applications would resolve the volume issue and allow you to improve the volume control of your Xiaomi Mi Box S device.



Generally speaking, the problem arises due to either a lost cable connection or a change in default settings by the user. Ensuring that everything is in perfect working order will solve the problem.