How to enable dark mode on miui 11_

How To Enable Dark Mode On Miui 11?

Are you looking for how to enable Dark mode in miui 11?  Here, you can able to know the method that will help you to enable dark mode in miui 11 based android devices.

The dark mode is fashionable and is that in the Android we have already made tutorials to activate it on TelegramGoogle Chrome, and even YouTube. Today, however, we are going to take a step forward and we are going to talk about how to activate the dark mode in MIUI 11 as it is an option that comes standard in the latest Xiaomi operating system.

How To Enable Dark mode in miui 11?

Despite being an option that is a bit hidden it is very easy to enable. Next, I will explain how to activate the dark mode of MIUI 11 on my PocoPhone F1, however, this tutorial is valid for any Xiaomi phone that incorporates this version of this operating system.

To enable dark mode in MIUI 11, the first thing we should do is enter “Settings”. Once inside what we have to do is locate the “Screen” option, once we find it, we go inside.

Enable Dark Mode Miui 11

Now we must enter the option that says “Dark Mode” in which we will see that it says the following:

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«Use a darker color palette for background system functions and compatible applications. Osucro mode can help relieve eye fatigue when you use the device in the dark ».

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enable dark mode on miui 11 - 1
enable dark mode in miui 11 – 1

How to Program Dark Mode in Miui 11

Once inside we will see 2 options:

  1. Force dark mode in miui 11 (enable this mode for compatible system and applications).
  2. We can program the dark mode to activate at a certain time and be disabled after a while.
enable dark mode on miui 11 - 2
enable dark mode in miui 11 – 2

Disable Miui 11 Dark Mode

To disable this mode we will only have to deactivate the corresponding tab, as the photo shows.

And voila, if you have any questions about how to enable the black background for Miui 11 you can always leave me a comment, I promise to answer. Do not forget to share this article with your social networks, please, that would help me a lot to reach more people … thank you very much!

enable dark mode on miui 11 - 3
enable dark mode in miui 11 – 3

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