How to Choose The Streaming Service You Like? What is The Difference?

Modern technology is changing the way we consume entertainment. This could be justified by the popularity of streaming services, which has taken a toll over the last two decades.  

Nowadays, streaming platforms are so common that people are switching to these services from their cable connections. In fact, the diversity of content options has made these platforms a necessity for today’s audience. That’s why the entertainment industry has launched several streaming services for entertainment lovers

With so many options, people often get confused as to which streaming service to choose. Also, what’s the difference between these services/platforms? If you’re stuck in a similar dilemma, here’s a way to choose a streaming service for yourself: 


Your choice of streaming service depends on the content type you like. Streaming platforms may offer content from different niches. While some services may stream TV shows, movies, or documentaries, others may remain specific to particular niches. You can choose your desired streaming platform as per your common preference

For example, if you like to binge on old TV shows, Netflix is the one to go. If you are into new movies, try Prime Video. Love to keep up with current shows? Try Hulu. Can’t get enough of Disney or Marvel content? Try Disney Plus. Love to groove to songs? Try popular music streaming services in 2022, like Spotify or Apple Music. 

So, ultimately it depends on what you like. Once you’ve got the answer, it’ll be easier for you to pick the streaming service. 

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Total Time You Spend

Your streaming service also depends on the total time you spend on the platform. If you’re a movie/tv buff, you should go for a platform with premium plans covering new content on multiple devices. However, if you are an occasional watcher, try a streaming service with a standard or basic package that offers content without ads. 

If you just want to try a platform and check whether it matches your preferences or not, you can try streaming services with free plans. This will help you find out the best option as per entertainment interests. 

Global Content

If you are a curious watcher who wants to explore content from different countries, choose a streaming platform that offers a wide range of regional options. Whether it’s Netflix, Hulu, or HBO Max, you’ll find global content on almost every streaming platform. The ultimate decision depends on your content preferences. 

For example, Netflix streams trending global shows like Dark (Germany), Money Heist (Spain), and Squid Game (Korea). Similarly, Curiosity Stream specializes in global documentaries like Wild Karnataka (India) and The Secret Life of Chaos (UK). So, according to your show choices, you can select a streaming service. 

If you want to watch content that’s not available in your region, you can always use a VPN to access the same. You can explore PIA VPN’s global servers to bypass geo-restrictions and create a strong security tunnel for encryption.

Single or Multiple Use

Many streaming services offer exclusive plans to share the subscription with others. So, you must decide whether you’ll be using the streaming service personally or sharing it with some other family member. Depending on your preferences, you can choose options like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, Hulu, Apple TV +, etc, for family membership plans.

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Note that streaming services may allow only a certain number of members for each family plan. For example, Netflix only allows four users to stream at the same time. Similarly, Amazon Prime and Disney + allow 6 and 7 members, respectively. So, decide on the number of members beforehand, and choose your streaming service accordingly

Original and Exclusive Content

Streaming services like Netflix offer two types of content: Original vs licensed content from other providers. Original content is exclusively created by the streaming service, and you may not find them on any other platform. Meanwhile, licensed content is content sourced from another provider. The streaming service makes a licensing agreement with the original provider and streams it on its platform. 

If you’re into original content, you can try platforms like Disney +, Netflix, Apple TV, and HBO Max, as they primarily rely on self-made shows. As for licensed content, you can go for Hulu, Peacock, Paramount+, etc

Stream It Right! 

With the above parameters, you’ll be able to differentiate and choose the right streaming platform for your preferences. Subscribe to the appropriate steaming service and make an interesting watchlist today!