How to add Xiaomi devices to Alexa, Google Home or Mi Home

Have you bought a Xiaomi device (or another brand) and want to include it in your home automation ecosystem but you don’t know how? It doesn’t matter if you work with Alexa or with the google assistant (with which Xiaomi works on products such as My Smart Speaker). If the device is smart, here is how to add devices from the Xiaomi ecosystem step by step in a simple way.


Add a Xiaomi device to the Alexa assistant

Regardless of the assistant we have for the ecosystem of our home, if the product is from Xiaomi, we need an application that serves as a bridge to be able to add a device to any assistant, be it that of Google or Alexa. My Home is the name of the application of Xiaomi that serves to add any smart device of this brand to our home and also control it.

On the other hand, some of the devices can only be added and used through this application, so downloading is essential. Mi Home is an application similar to Alexa or Google Home, except that, at least in Spain, it lacks its own assistant to work withso we lose that part of home automation as important when we create an ecosystem in our home as is voice commands.

  1. The first step to make everything easier is to add Mi Home to Alexa, yes, before linking any device. We will simply search for the Mi Home Skill in Alexa and download it in this. Add Xiaomi devices
  2. Once we have it, we move on to the second step, adding the Xiaomi device to Mi Home to start creating our ecosystem. This step will be different for each device, since each one requires a different routine for pairing. The method for this can be found in the instructions for each Xiaomi device (it also applies to devices from other brands).

Add Xiaomi devices

With the device already linked, we go to the Alexa application and we will see that almost immediately the application itself will tell us that it has detected a new Mi Home device, and will give us the option to add the device to Alexa. By making linking Mi Home to Alexa the first step, we will see that it becomes much easier to add a Xiaomi device to our Alexa ecosystem.

Add Xiaomi devices

What we find when adding some Xiaomi devices to Alexa is that many of the parameters to be touched cannot be done from Alexa. This implies that, as we see in the example of the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner, this device can only be turned on or off through Alexa, but we cannot put it into operation to clean or touch any other parameter, which makes some devices Xiaomi despite being able to add these to Alexa, this action is not very useful, taking into account the diversity of parameters that allows us to manipulate the device from My Home.

Parameters such as the position of the device, its status, level of charge, space traveled, selection of type of cleaning program … etc.

Add Xiaomi devices

But what if we do not want to add our Xiaomi device to Alexa, but to the Google assistant?

Add a Xiaomi device to Google Home

Finally, we must remember that these steps are designed to add Xiaomi devices to Google Home or Alexa. In the case of non-Xiaomi devices, we will have to look at the steps specified by the brand of each device. Still, it is usually required as with Xiaomi devices that are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

In some, a specific application will be required for said product, as it happens with Xiaomi and Mi Home, so we will have to add said device to your application and this through an Alexa skill. Google does not work with skills, so it will simply detect smart devices that are connected to the same Wi-Fi network (previously added to the application used for that device) and allow you to link them.

In addition, if we use the same email for Mi Home and Google Home, when we link a device to the first application, it is linked not only to this, but also to the gmail account you use, so it is the same in both applications, the second will show you that device is directly linked, since it is linked to your account and it is with it that Google Home works for its operation.

This is really practical, because it makes it much easier and faster to add Xiaomi devices to Google Home. In addition, unlike Alexa, when Google works as an assistant on Xiaomi devices, it allows the user more control of some devices. In some cases, it does not have the control tools that Mi Home has over them, but it does give us some that make it much more useful to add a Xiaomi device to this assistant and not to Alexa.

A clear example is the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner, that while in Alexa as we have seen, it only allows turning off and on the device (not putting it to clean) in Google Home we can turn on the device making it start its cleaning routine, as well as sending it back to the charging base.

We hope this article has been helpful to you. We remember that in the Guides section you will find more valuable information.