How accurate is numerology compared to astrology?

Numerology and Astrology are two distinct subjects. Astrology studies the planets, their movements planets and their impact on our lives. It is a part of Astronomy. Numerology is, however, is focused on the study of numbers and their effect on our lives. Although both are distinct in many ways, they are both related.


The language of Indian Astrology is referred to as “Jyothish” which is the study of light. Many people view Astrology as a scientific discipline since it relies on facts from Astronomy. There are those who not agree with this and consider Astrology as an art. Others might even say, it’s just a flimsy idea.

In reality, Astrology had been used across the globe for many thousands of years (read this article). Western Astrology along with Indian Vedic Astrology is distinct. It is a Western Astrology that has its roots in the Sun’s position relative to Earth. Vedic Astrology concentrates on the 12 zodiac constellations and 27 stars along with 9 planets. It is circular in shape, while the Vedic chart is square in shape.

What is the reason Astrology so well-known?

Every man wants to know what the future holds to offer. The desire to know more about the future is what makes Astrology extremely popular. A lot of people seek out Astrologers for information on what their destiny holds. It could be an infamous political figure, famous industrialist, celebrity, or commoner scientist, they all wish to talk to online Astrologers about what the next steps are. The subject of Astrology can be taught at some universities in the developing world such as India as well as in developed countries such as the USA.

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Vedic Astrology

Indian Astrology is an absolute treasure. According to Vedic Astrology, the precise time that you were born determines the future of an individual. That is the entire pattern of your life will be determined at the time when you are born. All planets affect the man on Earth. It is possible to feel warm Sun Rays, but you cannot feel the influence of the other planets.

As per Vedic Astrology at the exact moment when you are born, and if the stars are aligned in positive places and you are lucky enough, you can live an enjoyable life filled with positive fortune, healthy health, a long lifespan, and fame. If you’re born at a time in which the planets appear to be in negative locations and your life is not going to be a complete failure. Therefore, the exact date of birth is crucial for your achievement or demise in your life.


Numbers play an important part in our daily lives. Numbers are everywhere, and it is impossible to live without numbers. When you rise at 6 o’clock when the 6th digit is in and continues to repeat until you fall asleep there are numbers that pop up numerous times throughout your daily routine. Numerology numbers could affect the way you live your day. Your birth date can reveal a lot about your character and future. Numerology can assist you to discover your lucky numbers and lucky colors, as well as lucky metals and lucky names.

Utilization of Astrology and numerology

It is possible to use Astrology to get a better understanding of the future of your life since it’s more accurate. It is possible to utilize Astrology to learn about methods that can be employed to counteract the negative impacts of planets on your life.

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However, on the flip side, you could utilize Numerology to pick the best name for your child( names have some effect on human lives) You can also discover those lucky numbers and colors and even the luckiest metal.

Application of Astrology

You can find out about the future of your life using Astrology. You can learn about your happy moments and bad times by using Astrology. If you’re having good times for the next three years, then you are able to take a small risk when it comes to your work. If you experience a poor time, then you should be extra cautious in this time. You can drive with more caution and stay clear of risks in the workplace, and so on.

Another benefit of Astrology is that it can help you lessen the effects of illness during difficult times of your life by analysis of your horoscope or Kundali Milan with your partner. A skilled Astrologer can give the best methods to lessen the negative results of the bad time forecast by the Astrologer.

Definition of Numerology

You can make use of Numerology to select the best name for your child. Sound can have negative or positive effects. If you’ve got a great name, then when people contact you, you will receive positive vibes, and this will be good for your life. In the same way, a bad name could cause harm to your life.

You can utilize Numerology to correct your name. You can alter your name and receive positive results. You can utilize your lucky numbers to benefit from many aspects of your life, and receive advantages.

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The Limits of Astrology and Numerology and What It Means

It isn’t a good idea to rely entirely upon Astrology to make choices for your personal life. Astrology predictions could be wrong. This doesn’t necessarily mean that Astrology is ineffective. Today, we don’t have an Astrologer to provide 100% accurate predictions.

In the past, in India throughout the Veda period, the most renowned Astrologers such as Agasthiya, Aryabhatta, Varahamihira as well as Pulipani had the ability to offer the most accurate predictions. Today we don’t have that kind of stellar Astrologers. The Nostradamus is the Greatest Astrologer of the past. Nowadays, we can utilize Astrology as a source of information and reference, but we can’t take important decisions based upon Astrological predictions.