Hoto Xiaomi laser meter, a new bestseller from Youpin

Xiaomi surprises us again with one of those interesting products that appear almost every day in its store Youpin, Xiaomi’s crowdfunding platform, which on this occasion brings us this practical laser meter that comes from the HOTO brand that we have previously seen manufacturing a screwdriver that is also a bestseller thanks to Xiaomi and its third party store.


The HOTO laser meter that Xiaomi sells is small but bully

This laser meter manufactured by HOTO Measures anything and it will make that once you try it you don’t want to go back to the conventional meter. And it is that it has a very small and practical size, its dimensions are 73 × 33, 2 × 16, 8mm and has a weight of only 36 grams.

Its simple and intuitive one-button design and patented rubber ring-shaped hole will make it extremely pleasant to touch and use.

Hoto Xiaomi laser meter

Another feature that makes this simple HOTO laser meter stand out is its screen OLED below consumption made of high resistance materials and has a matte texture that prevents the appearance of footprints. In it you will see the results of the measurements, battery or Bluetooth connection, yes, you read correctly, it connects to your smartphone.

Hoto Xiaomi laser meter

For the battery, it has 200mAh, so it does not require batteries, since it is charged by USB type C. This is another point very in its favor.

The meter laser will take about 100 minutes to fully charge.


If you connect the Hoto laser meter to the Xiaomi Mi Home application you will get a variety of interesting functions

You can connect the laser meter to your smartphone device directly via Bluetooth with the app My Home from Xiaomi and obtain various extra functions that make it a complete measurement tool for any handyman in the home.

Hoto Xiaomi laser meter

What can you do with the Xiaomi Mi Home app and the Hoto laser meter?

  • Share data in real-time: Once the Bluetooth is connected to your phone, all the measurements you record will be shared in the application My Home in real-time.
  • You can take photos and label them with measurements: The actual tagging function goes further. With it you can take photos or upload them from your terminal and you can draw on them or put measurement labels, preparing a simple plan.
  • You can draw floor plans very easily: You can draw the plane of the ground to measure it. The measurement will be loaded automatically in the lines you select and the system will automatically adjust the lines according to the data that you register.
  • You will be able to export images to your photo albums with just one click: Once you have finished adding measurements to your plans or photos, you can easily export them to your personal album and share them with whoever you want.

This is the video in which HOTO shows us what this laser meter is capable of offering

The double laser transmitter guarantees high precision in your measurements

The laser head performs a series of structured steps to ensure measurement in 0.2 seconds with a precision of 2mm. The measuring range ranges from 0.05m to 30m, which makes it a very versatile meter. What’s more, it is a type ll laser, ensuring that it is completely safe for home use.

The best about this Hoto laser meter that Xiaomi sells

As we have already said, it is a fairly inexpensive gadget, and more so taking into account all its features and connectivity via the app. Accumulate4.9 out of 78 ratings from over 805 orders placed at this time.