Google Blocks one of Xiaomi’s Apps due to its Large Number of Necessary Permissions

Google Blocks one of Xiaomi’s Apps- Security and privacy are the order of the day and more if we talk about Google. There is no doubt that the American company has done a great job strongly committed to user privacy in the face of a large number of applications that only sought to benefit from our data.

Google Blocks one of Xiaomi’s Apps due to its Large Number of Necessary Permissions

Thus, far from what one would expect, Xiaomi Mi Quick Apps has been blocked by the complete protection algorithm that the Google Play Store has. An application created by the Chinese firm through which we can use different apps without the need to download them.

Up to 55 Permits were Necessary for the Proper Functioning of the App:

Until now, Google Play Protect, the system responsible for checking and detecting any strange behavior in applications hosted on Google Play, had not detected anything unusual. The problem is given by the latest update of My Quick Apps which required up to 55 permissions for proper operation.

Google Blocks one of Xiaomi's Apps

Access to the IMEI number, the SIM card number, the established location, or even the possibility of recording audio and video are some of the permissions required by My Quick Apps. A complete collection of our data and those collected by our smartphone.

A priori, this large number of permits would be given by the simple fact that My Quick Apps allow us to use other applications without the need to install them. In this way, Xiaomi’s application would have to collect practically all the permissions that the rest of the applications need.

For now, it seems that this controversial update has only reached Asian countries such as Indonesia, India, or Thailand. Therefore, it is very unlikely and more with the restrictive data protection laws in Europe, that our device is affected. Even so, we recommend uninstalling it until this problem is resolved.

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