How To Fix Water Damage Mi Phone_

How To Fix Water Damage Mi Phone?

The Xiaomi mobile phones, tend to have common accidents, such as falling into the water. If this situation happens to us, we should not panic, and for no reason, we should blow the device, since we would make the situation worse.

How To Fix Water Damage Mi Phone?

It is important to take the situation calmly and perform some simple techniques to try to minimize the damage, hopefully, it will only become a scare. In this article, we will see some actions that can be performed to repair the mobile device that falls into the water or any other similar gadget.

How To Fix Water Damage Mi Phone_
How To Fix Water Damage Mi Phone_

Remove the battery (battery) 

The first step that we must take and perhaps the most important, is to remove the battery from the Smartphone or mobile (or any other device) that has fallen into the water. This step should be done almost immediately after the fall into the water of the mobile, since the more time passes, the greater the possibility of damage to the integrated. The battery, we will remove it quickly, without turning off the device. Also, we must remove the chip from the mobile to avoid reactions with water that could damage it.

Disarm the mobile 

This step is delicate, but necessary, as it will allow us to minimize damage to the equipment. Usually, we will need a screwdriver, so we must remove the main cover and the keyboard cover, to proceed with cleaning and drying. If you are not an expert, disassemble as far as you think you can perform this action, without further damaging the wet device.

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Preliminary drying 

Once the device is opened, we dry the pieces (as much as we can) with a towel without strips or microfiber. We must use an absorbent towel, and very carefully, to avoid damaging any integrated.

Thorough drying 

Now, we will completely dry the mobile. To do this, we will use a soft and dry toothbrush, in addition to a can of compressed air. We will try to leave each integrated completely dry. Then, we can use a swab with isopropyl alcohol to clean the contacts.

Another way to dry it, a little less technical, is to place the mobile in a bowl full of rice. Since these cereals are highly absorbent, they will remove all the moisture from the mobile, we must cover the entire device with rice and leave it like this, at least a couple of days. Then, we take it out and use compressed air and a soft toothbrush to remove any particles left on the mobile.

Assembling the mobile 

Now, it only remains to assemble the mobile again, place the chip and the battery and then turn it on. We must make sure we have removed all the moisture before switching it on. If the damage was not greater, the mobile must turn on smoothly.

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