The expected Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 could arrive with a body entirely made of ceramic

A few years ago Xiaomi surprised us with a totally revolutionary Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 . Its design, quite modern at the time, stood out for its main structure made of a single ceramic piece .

Since then, this striking design has been forgotten, something that could resurface again in Xiaomi’s Mi Mix Series as the firm’s own CEO has been inciting to believe. Without going any further and without any prior insight, L ei Jun has not stopped posting new images of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 on his Weibo account.

As we can see below, the CEO of Xiaomi shows us several images of the design of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, praising again and again its attractive design “all ceramic”

made of a single piece made of this material.


The expected Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 or Mi Mix 2020 could be made of ceramic

These publications made by Lei Jun have led us to believe that the next Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 or Mi Mix 2020 will actually be manufacturing following the same design lines as the Mi Mix 2. Even the Digital Chat Station itself has dared to ensure that the next smartphone from The Mi Mix series will be made of ceramic materials.

The publication made by Digital Chat Station in this regard.

Even so, everything remains in a simple rumor and more than anything in a tremendous desire to finally know how the new member of the Mi Mix Series will be, which we are waiting for so long. Let’s not forget that this range of smartphones is characterized by incorporating a revolutionary design, trying to achieve being an “all-screen”.