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Downoad WhatsApp Begal APK Latest Version

WhatsApp Begal APK
WhatsApp Begal APK

This WhatsApp MOD apk is called WhatsApp Begal apk and has just been updated to version 12. Download the WhatsApp Begal APK file and install on your phone with Android operating system, the most updated version of this WhatsApp mod; with base v2.19.69.

What is WhatsApp Begal apk?

WhatsApp Begal apk is a modified version of the WhatsApp chat and instant messaging application; developed by BegalDev. It is ideal for those who are not looking for much more than improving privacy options.

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Functions and features of WhatsApp Begal

  • Based on the latest base version of WhatsApp.
  • All hidden functions enabled by default.
  • All types of privacy included (hide last seen, hide seen state, blue tick, double tick, anti revoke, hide seen state, always be online, etc).
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  • Chat not saved.
  • All the standard features of previous versions of Begal WhatsApp.
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  • [New] support for Russian.
  • [New] calls and status photos moved to the right.
  • [New] best aesthetics in floating bar and others.
  • [Fixed] SpaceTap.
  • [Corrected] About.
  • [Corrected] view status.
  • [Deleted] Fancy Text by Delta in Conversation merge with Bom Ping.
  • [Removed] Bom Ping with FAB in Conversation.
  • [Added] new direct chat.
  • [Added] Begal’s new Spash Screen mode.
  • [Added] new tab curved to the bottom.
  • [Added] changed the color of the status texts.
  • [Added] changes in the background color of states.
  • [Added and corrected] new anti-revoked.
  • [Deleted] Time Data off.
  • [Deleted] Anti Revoke Merger with Anti Status Delete by PoWa.
  • Many others
WhatsApp Begal APK
WhatsApp Begal APK

What’s new in version 12

  • [New] Card surrounded with colors.
  • [New] Drawer with colors.
  • [New] Custom emoticon by Delta.
  • [New] Background change on / off.
  • Much others.

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Download links for Whatsapp begal apk

There are 2 variants of the WhatsApp Begal v12 installation file (APK):

  • WA Begal (com.whatsapp) / replaces official WhatsApp – [ Download ]
  • WA Begal 2 * (com.bglwhatsapp) / install a new WhatsApp – [ Download ]

NOTE *: When installing WhatsApp Begal 2, you can keep the original WhatsApp on your phone and additionally have the WA Begal 2 mod installed.

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