Download HotShots Mod APK

Download HotShots Mod APK v1.1.2

Download HotShots Mod APK: Recently, it was revealed that Raj Kundra’s case has something to do with the Hotshots app. Raj Kundra provided funds to the company Karin Ltd, which developed the mobile app ‘HotShots Digital Entertainment’. Registered users were provided with explicit content through this OTT app.

As a result of recent complaints, the app has been removed from both Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store. There is still a hotshots app apk version available on third-party websites. Download hotshots Mod apk to see how it works. In this article, you will learn all about Hotshots.

Download HotShots Mod APK
Download HotShots Mod APK


What is Hotshots Digital entertainment app?

Digital entertainment service HotShots offers subscription-based video-on-demand content. We feature an array of original short films, hot videos, and hot photos directed by international filmmakers and starring some of the world’s hottest stars and models.

Take advantage of HotShots Digital for high-quality entertainment. With the HotShots Digital App, you’ll find the hottest short films, videos, and photos available anywhere. English is the language of choice for all content.

You can interact and chat with HotShots App’s regular Live Show models LIVE during these Live Shows.

The hotshots mod apk gives you access to exclusive and original content from around the world.


Hotshots MOD APK | How to Download Hotshots MOD apk

Trying it yourself will give you a good idea of how Raj Kundra’s app worked and served content. The use of this app may be illegal, however, at present. In addition, we want to point out that we do not have any relationship with the mobile app, and that all links are third-party links.

  1. First of All visit our Telegram Channel
  2. Look For Hotshots MOD APK
  3. To download the apk file, just click on the file.
  4. You can now use your mobile device to install the app once you have the apk file
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What is Hotshots MOD APK?

There are websites that offer modified versions of the original application, known as app mods. It can be downloaded from several different websites. By viewing the content as a paid member, people are able to use this app mod. Click HERE to download the mod apk if you are interested

Features of Hotshots mobile app

  • Exclusive Content: Exclusive content is available on the app from around the world. In the hotshots app, you can watch original movies, trending videos, and documentaries from around the world
  • Live Shows: With HotShots Live, you can stream live videos and interact with your friends. Make new friends and fans by interacting with Broadcasters/Artists live. There are artists from around the world streaming live video, including India, the United States of America, and the United Kingdom. Using Hotshot Live, anyone can participate in the fun and interaction live from their location around the globe. The world is your oyster if you show off your unique talent to your friends and become famous. Singing, dancing, eating, chatting, traveling, and playing games are all things anybody can do.
  • Seamless Streaming: Experience unparalleled visuals across multiple devices with high-definition videos and shorts.
Download HotShots Mod APK 1
hotshots mod apk
Download HotShots Mod APK 2
Download HotShots Mod APK 2